Stellantis: dominating the French market in the first half of 2024, 4 models in the Top 10

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Stellantis is the undisputed ruler of the French automotive market in the first half of 2024 with four models in the top 10
Stellantis - France

Stellantis consolidated its reign in the French automotive market, capturing a 30.1 percent share in the first six months of 2024. A success that has been driven by iconic models such as the Peugeot 208, the undisputed queen of the market, and a determined push toward electrification, with a 32 percent share in the BEV (VP+LCV) segment.

Stellantis: four Stellantis models in the top 10 dominate the French car market 

Stellantis confirmed itself as the undisputed leader of the French automotive market in the first six months of 2024, thus going on to consolidate its strong presence in all key segments of the market. With a 30.1 percent market share in the PC + LCV sector, the French-Italian group far exceeded all expectations, attesting to strong growth in a market that, although it is in a slight downturn, is still able to offer ample opportunities.

A total of four Stellantis models were present in the top 10 of the French market in the first six months of the current year and were responsible for pulling the automotive group to this outstanding success. We are talking about the Peugeot 208, 308, 2008 and Citroën C3 cars. The Peugeot 208, in particular, confirmed itself as the undisputed queen of the market, as it managed to win the title of best-selling vehicle in France, including its electric version.

Peugeot 208

Stellantis also made its mark in the electric vehicle (BEV) segment. In fact, it positioned itself as the leader with a market share of 32% (VP+LCV), registering an excellent 7.3% increase over 2023 and a 16% increase in sales volumes in a market that, on the contrary, has even decreased by 10%. The Peugeot E-208 and Fiat 500e remained among the most desired models, placing in the absolute Top 5 for 2024.

The highly positive results of Stellantis generate as much fame on the individual performances of the group’s various brands as well. Peugeot, for example, recorded an 8 percent increase in volumes, with the 208 literally dominating the market, as already anticipated. Citroën, on the other hand, came out on top in the electric vehicle segment, achieving third place in the commercial vehicle (LCV) market with a 12 percent share. Also worth highlighting is the excellent performance of the new ë-C3, which has been very enthusiastically received by the public since its debut on the automotive market. As for the Jeep brand, we know that it registered a remarkable 77% increase in passenger car sales volumes, driven by the incredible success achieved by the Avenger model, made available to customers in both electric and hybrid versions.  

Turning to the Fiat brand, PC volume increases of 8% were notable, thanks to the key contribution of the 600. Opel continues to confirm its positive trend with a significant 10% increase in sales volumes in cumulative 2024, with excellent results coming from electric vehicles, which posted growth of more than 79%. As for the premium brand segment, Alfa Romeo continues decisively with its progress with a 17 percent increase in sales volumes, recorded in particular thanks to sales of the Tonale, the brand’s first electrified vehicle.


Stellantis not satisfied with its many successes, and also confirmed its leadership in the electric car segment of segments B and C. Here it does so with a 52.3 percent market share, and in commercial vehicles, where it takes first place in the small (50.1 percent share), medium (35.6 percent share) and number 2 in large (28.3 percent share) segments. The group is also the undisputed leader in the motorhome sector.

Although the first half of the year has been excellent for the Stellantis group, the second half of 2024 is not likely to be any less satisfying as it promises to be full of new developments. In fact, we will see the arrival of new electric and hybrid models that have been highly anticipated, such as the new Citroën C3 and Citroën C3 Aircross, the new Fiat Panda, the Alfa Romeo Junior, the Lancia Ypsilon, and, for Peugeot, the entire 3008 and 5008 range. With the business strategy employed by Stellantis, which focuses heavily on electrification and innovation, the group is increasingly poised to position itself as a benchmark in the automotive market.