Fiat 600e still struggles with sales: in Europe it sells less than the Fiat Tipo

Francesco Armenio
Fiat 600e sales remain low in the European market: high price and electric cars market downturn cited as reasons.
Fiat 600e

The Fiat 600e arrived on the market almost a year ago, but despite this, it continues to struggle in the market. These results are probably influenced by the low popularity of electric cars, especially in Italy where this car should have recorded the highest sales. Also, a cost close to that of premium cars like Tesla Model Y and Model 3 has probably led many to prefer other electric cars rather than Fiat’s crossover.

Fiat 600e continues to sell poorly in the market: the high price and strong competition don’t help

Fiat 600e

From January 1 to May 31, considering sales across Europe, Fiat 600e recorded 4,408 units registered. This result makes it the sixth best-selling car in the Fiat range, even behind the Fiat Tipo. Regarding the hybrid version, a total of 605 units have been registered in Europe, but this figure is not significant as this version of Fiat’s crossover has only recently arrived on the market.

The Fiat Panda maintains its position as the best-selling car of the Italian brand in Europe in the first months of 2024, with 63,030 registrations. These numbers far exceed those of the Fiat 600e. Questions arise about the latter’s chances of recovery, considering the intense competition in the segment and the introduction of the new Fiat Grande Panda, whose electric model is expected to be priced about 10,000 or 15,000 euros less than the 600e.

There is hope for improved sales in the coming months, possibly supported by new eco-bonuses that reduce the price. Alternatively, Fiat could adopt a strategy for the 600e similar to that planned for the future generation of Fiat 500e, introducing a cheaper version based on new technologies and a new battery with more range, but at a lower purchase price.