Fiat Grande Panda: here’s what it would look like in Abarth version

Francesco Armenio
Fiat Grande Panda could have a sporty version which, as always, will bear the Abarth logo.
Abarth Grande Panda

A few days ago, the first official images of the Fiat Grande Panda were published, showing a new generation of the model that has grown in size compared to the past. In some aspects, the Grande Panda is reminiscent of the first generation from the 1980s, a characteristic that also extends to the vehicle’s interior. The car manufacturer has stated that in the coming years, other models will arrive following the same design philosophy and based on the same platform, the Smart Car. These include the Fiat Multipla, Strada, and Fastback. In the future, a sporty version of the model might also arrive, which, as always, will bear the Abarth logo.

Will Fiat Grande Panda have a sporty version in the future? Here’s what it could look like

Abarth Grande Panda

At the moment, it’s just an idea, so nothing official, but who knows if the brand will decide to offer a sporty version on the market, as they’ve also done with the recent Abarth 600e Scorpionissima. The render proposed in this article was created by digital creator Kleber Silva, who tried to imagine the possible design of the Abarth Grande Panda.

The images show a model inspired by the upcoming Abarth 600e, with alloy wheels featuring the same design, a lowered stance, a different front bumper, and two lights immediately below the main ones with the Abarth logo, which is also used on the rear. Here, a spoiler above the rear window stands out, and, like the front, there’s a new bumper.

Regarding the powertrain, the Abarth Grande Panda, which in this case would also debut on the market exclusively in an electric version, could use the same one as the Abarth 600e and the future Ypsilon HF, thus an electric unit of 240 HP. Alternatively, the power could rise to 280 HP, the same as the new Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce. In the meantime, we just have to wait for the official presentation of the Grande Panda, scheduled for July 11th on the occasion of Fiat’s 125th anniversary.