Fiat Grande Panda: first images of the interior revealed

Francesco Armenio
After seeing the first official images of the Fiat Grande Panda, the first shots of the interior have also arrived.
Fiat Grande Panda interiors

A few days ago, Fiat unveiled the long-awaited official images of the Grande Panda, the new generation of the famous city car. The model, just as its name suggests, grows in size and becomes a B-SUV. In recent hours, the car has also been spotted on the street, and the Instagram page au_tospotter has captured the first images of the interior.

Here are the first images of the interior of the new Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat Grande Panda interiors

From the photos, it’s noticeable that the interior is quite interesting, confirming, if there was still a need, how successful the Panda project has been. First of all, the reference to the Centoventi concept, the vehicle that the B-SUV is inspired by, is evident. Secondly, there are some very well-crafted and, above all, original details, which many on the web consider even better than the Fiat 600, which should have a significantly higher list price compared to the new Grande Panda.

Inside the new car, there’s a mix of modernity and past, but above all, the essence of what has always been the philosophy of the Panda. The steering wheel has a modern line and a large “Fiat” inscription in the center, while the infotainment system seems to be characterized by a full-length screen that extends to the center of the dashboard. The central tunnel is very basic, and the gear knob is missing in the shot: it’s likely that the electric version of the Panda was photographed, but it’s not to be excluded that the model doesn’t provide a manual gearbox to reduce emissions.

Fiat Grande Panda interiors

On the seats, a particular detail stands out: the inscription “Panda Made With Love in Fiat”. Even the air vents are particular, decidedly futuristic with a yellow border framing the side, as well as the central selector. We just have to wait until July 11, 2024, the day scheduled for the official presentation of the model, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Italian brand’s activity.