New Fiat Strada: will this be its design?

Francesco Armenio
The new generation of the Fiat Strada will debut only in 2027, but some are already imagining what it will be like.
Fiat Strada 2027

In recent days, Fiat has announced the new generation of the Fiat Panda, which has been named the “Grande Panda”, by publishing the first official images of the model. On the same platform as this model, the Smart Car, other models will arrive in the coming years, including the Fiat Multipla, expected in 2025, and the new Fiat Fastback, expected in 2026. The latter, until now available only for the South American market, will also arrive in Europe. The new Fiat Strada, expected in 2027, should also be added to these.

New Fiat Strada: here’s how the new generation could be when it arrives in 2027

Fiat logo

Just like its “sisters”, the new Fiat Strada will also be based on the Stellantis Smart Car platform. Thanks to the versatility of the platform, it will be possible to offer both versions with a “traditional” engine and fully electric versions on the market. The electric versions will be equipped with LFP batteries, which will allow the cars to be offered on the market at a very affordable price.

At the moment, information about the new Fiat Strada is very limited, but this does not stop the imagination of digital creators, who try to fantasize about the possible design of the new model arriving on the market in 2027. Kleber Silva, who in recent hours has also created a render that imagines the design of the new Fiat Fastback, has shown the public his interpretation of the new 2027 Strada.

Fiat Strada 2027

This model has been very successful in South America, so much so that it is among the best-selling in Brazil and beyond. This is probably also the reason why the car manufacturer has decided to bring this model to Europe in the future, one of its main markets. We can only wait for further news on this model.