Fiat Grande Panda in Fastback version: here’s what it could look like

Francesco Armenio
After the arrival of the Fiat Grande Panda, two other models will follow on the same platform, including the Multipla and the Fastback.
Fiat Grande Panda Fastback

Fiat has recently published the official images of the Grande Panda, the new generation of the Italian city car that completely distances itself, in terms of dimensions, from the previous version. This model will be followed by at least two others, including the Fiat Multipla, which will debut in 2025, and a Fastback, scheduled for 2026. Designers are therefore starting to propose different versions of the Grande Panda, including in the form of a Fastback.

Fiat Grande Panda: will the new Fastback be like this?

Fiat Fastback Concept

Kleber Silva, a designer who has proposed these renders on his social media channels, has tried to imagine the design of the future new Fiat Fastback, starting from the images of the Grande Panda and the concepts presented by the car manufacturer itself a few months ago. The model appears more massive and muscular, with a sloping rear window and a less square design compared to the Grande Panda.

The sides are identical to those of the Grande Panda up to the B-pillar, when the roof begins to descend, connecting with the tail. The rear is inspired by the design of the Grande Panda, with vertical lights, a central Fiat logo, and a large bumper. The wheels are the same as those proposed on the Grande Panda, as well as the color of the bodywork.

Fiat Grande Panda Fastback

At the moment, the Fiat Fastback is only available in the South American market, but Fiat’s CEO, Olivier Francois, has confirmed that the new generation of this model will also be offered in other markets, including Europe. Just like the Fiat Grande Panda, the Fastback will also have its fully electric version, with a range of about 400 km and the same battery already seen on the Fiat 600e, Alfa Romeo Junior, and Jeep Avenger. We just have to wait for further news on this to find out if the new Fastback will have a design similar to the render proposed in this article.