New Fiat Multipla: is this the new look for the iconic car in 2025?

Gloria Fiocchi Author
The legendary Multipla is coming back with a brand new design and a whole new vocation: a spacious and versatile crossover to win over the families of 2025.
New Fiat Multipla Tommaso D'Amico render

The Fiat Multipla, a name that evokes mixed memories, is ready to return to the automotive scene with a new look and revised design. Designer Tommaso D’Amico has created a render that speculates on the possible styling of the new car, anticipating a modern and distinctive design with a hint of aggression.

A new render by designer Tommaso D’Amico speculates on the possible styling of the new Fiat Multipla 2025

A new generation of the legendary Multipla is the big expectation for 2025. Its aesthetics have not yet been confirmed, but it could still surprise fans of the brand. But will this be the right move to conquer the market? The new Multipla will make its appearance during 2025, following the big news that is set to make its debut on July 11 of this year, namely the new Fiat Panda.

From the ashes of the MPV, the much-loved Multipla rises: Fiat unveils plans for the return of this historic car in 2025, this time in a new guise. In fact, the car will be presented as a C-segment crossover ready to conquer the market with its modern styling and unfailing family-oriented vocation.

The new Multipla drops the famous rounded lines of the past that have always characterized it.  Now, we will see it on the streets with a boxy, purposeful look that will not fail to cause discussion, generating, as always, mixed opinions. But beyond first impressions, what really matters is functionality: the car promises to offer a spacious and versatile cabin, with 5- and 7-seat configurations to fit the needs of every family, even the largest ones.

The new Multipla will be created on the solid base of the Stellantis Group’s CMP platform, going on to share many components with the Citroen C3 Aircross, from which it will take many features. This aims to ensure proven reliability and performance, combined with an affordable price for a wider range of customers in the market.

Production of the new Multipla will take place at the Kenitra plant in Morocco, in the company of many other successful models of the group such as Citroen Ami, Fiat Topolino and Opel Rocks-E. This strategic choice is intended to underscore Stellantis’ commitment to strengthening its presence in Africa as well.

New Fiat Multipla rendering

In anticipation of the official debut, designer Tommaso D’Amico has created a render that hypothesizes the possible styling that could characterize the new Multipla in the future. Modern lines, distinctive details and a hint of aggression: D’Amico’s interpretation is sure to steal many people’s attention, but the final design could still hold big surprises.

The new Multipla is preparing to take up the baton of the Fiat Tipo in the brand’s range with great honor, taking its position in the market as an accessible and spacious family car. A car designed for those looking for practicality, comfort and a dash of style, without sacrificing convenience, an aspect sought by all.

The Multipla’s return will certainly not go unnoticed. Its design and innate family-oriented flair will make it the star of discussions and comparisons. But one thing is certain: this car has all the credentials to win the hearts of those who are looking for a car that can satisfy the demands of a large number of people.