Fiat, what a collapse since 2014: the data is concerning

Francesco Armenio
Fiat has seen its sales plummet over the last 10 years, although it is still the brand with the highest numbers among Stellantis brands.
Fiat Pandina 2024

Fiat, which is preparing for the launch of the new Grande Panda, with the event scheduled for Thursday, July 11, is undoubtedly the brand generating the most sales among those under the Stellantis umbrella. The main markets for the Italian automaker are certainly Europe, particularly Italy, and South America. However, sales figures are no longer as impressive as they once were. According to UNRAE data, the automaker sold only 95,602 vehicles globally in June 2024, while in 2014, registrations were 160,996.

Fiat in continuous decline compared to the past: is it the market’s fault or due to unattractive vehicles?

Fiat Grande Panda 2024

The market share has fallen from 21.27 percent in 2014 to 10.79 percent in 2024. The numbers compared to 2007 are even more stark, with 343,078 vehicles registered in the same month. Comparing the data from 2014 and 2024, there are 65,000 fewer cars sold. These numbers obviously weigh heavily on the balance sheet. The main causes are certainly more aggressive competition, as well as a leaner range compared to the past, with important models like Punto and Grande Punto retired and never reintroduced by the company in new generations.

Things could change in the coming years thanks to the arrival of new models, which will take inspiration from the upcoming Grande Panda. Each year, in fact, the launch of a new vehicle is planned. Among these, in addition to the Grande Panda, which will be sold in both Europe and South America, the new Fiat Multipla will arrive in 2025, with 5 and 7-seat versions, the new Fiat Fastback in 2026, which will debut for the first time in the Old Continent as well, and a new pickup in 2027.

Fiat 500 Hybrid

The new Fiat 500 Ibrida could also debut earlier than expected, currently out of production due to new European regulations requiring the installation of mandatory safety systems, such as speed limiters. In 2026, the new Fiat 500e should also arrive on the market, which will have a battery with increased range and a lower price compared to the current model.