Will the Fiat 500 Ibrida arrive in 2025? Here’s everything we know

Francesco Armenio
The new Fiat 500 Ibrida could arrive on the market sooner than expected, following the end of production of the previous model.
Fiat 500 Hybrid

The new Fiat 500 Ibrida could arrive on the market sooner than expected. According to Auto Week, the Italian city car could debut as early as 2025. In a recent interview, the CEO had clearly stated that the car would not arrive before 2026, as it would take considerable time to adapt the 500e platform and install a hybrid engine.

Will the Fiat 500 Ibrida arrive sooner than expected? Stellantis’ plan unveiled

Fiat 500 Hybrid

For this reason, the model’s presentation was expected between the end of 2025 and the first months of 2026, but it seems that Stellantis is investing considerable resources to accelerate the timeline and bring one of the most beloved city cars back to the market. The reason is obviously related to the fact that the previous model has just gone out of production, following the introduction of new European regulations that require the mandatory presence of safety systems, which the “old” Hybrid lacks.

With one less model in the range, the car manufacturer’s sales will be affected in the coming months, although the official debut of the Grande Panda is expected in a few days, which could initially “replace” the sales of the 500 Ibrida. According to Auto Week and recent rumors, the new model will simply be called Fiat 500 Ibrida, a name that intends to confirm its strong Italian soul, after months of controversy with the Italian government following the name of Alfa Romeo Milano, which became Junior.

The new Fiat 500 Ibrida will be very similar to the 500e, but with a more rounded shape and renewed optical groups. Regarding the engine, the 500 Ibrida is expected to mount the classic 70 horsepower 1.0 FireFly under the hood, already used on the previous 500, as well as on Lancia Ypsilon and Fiat Panda. The gearbox will be a six-speed manual, and performance will remain unchanged compared to the previous version. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 14 seconds and a top speed of 170 km/h. The price, however, should be slightly higher: currently, a figure of around 17,700 euros is being discussed. Finally, immediately after the debut of the new Fiat 500 Ibrida, an updated version of the 500e will also arrive on the market, which will have a battery with greater range and a lower price compared to the current model.