Fiat Grande Panda’s entry-level version spotted during final tests before debut

Francesco Armenio
The new Fiat Grande Panda, in its base version, has been spotted during final tests in Turin before its official debut.
Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat Grande Panda is getting closer to its official debut. A few days ago, the first official images of the new generation were published directly by the car manufacturer, but the actual presentation will be held on July 11th. A few days later, production will begin at the Stellantis plant in Serbia, as also confirmed by President Aleksandar Vucic. Meanwhile, it seems that testing is continuing in Turin, Italy, before its debut. This time, the base version of the model appears to be on display, with a red body.

Fiat Grande Panda: the first spy video shows the entry-level version of the model

Fiat Grande Panda

The new generation of Panda will be different from the past, but will propose some elements that will recall the first generation of the model. Fiat has indeed managed to evoke the spirit of the iconic Panda, albeit with a modern and contemporary design, especially regarding the front. It’s impossible not to notice the wheels, the same as the first generation of the vehicle, reproposed for the Grande Panda. The one in the video should be the entry-level model, which could take the name of RED edition.

We remind you that the vehicle will arrive on the market in both hybrid and fully electric versions. Prices have not yet been revealed, but Fiat has promised that they will remain accessible despite the increase in size. The hybrid version should have a price around 14,000 euros, while the electric version around 21,000 euros. Fiat Grande Panda, which is based on Stellantis’ Smart Car platform, will also be sold in South America, although here it should take the name of Fiat Argo.

This will be the first of a new family of Fiat cars. In the coming years, in fact, the new Multipla will also arrive, debuting in 2025, the new Fastback in 2026, and a pickup, heir to Fiat Strada, which will also be sold in the Old Continent. The latter will arrive on the market in 2027.