Fiat Multipla 2025: power and range revealed

Gloria Fiocchi Author
As versatile as we have always known it super spacious and with two engines to meet every need. The new Fiat Multipla 2025 prepares to show itself on the market.

A long-awaited return: the new Multipla represents a long-awaited return for families looking for a spacious, versatile and affordable car. Heir to an icon, the new Fiat Multipla 2025 is preparing to be unveiled in the market. Early rumors reveal a spacious, versatile car with a modern design. Here’s how powerful it will be and what the engines will look like


Fiat Multipla 2025: engines and range unveiled – here’s power and versatility for the modern family

After the success experienced by the Grande Panda, it will soon be time for the Multipla 2025, the car that has been so loved in the past by families with a passion for the Fiat brand, but especially for those looking for an SUV that can be both spacious and versatile. It should be remembered that for Fiat, this model wrote a piece of its history from the year 1998 to 2010. it will definitely be a perfect car for traveling in great comfort and with the ability to do so with the whole family. Its arrival is now imminent on the automotive market. It is scheduled to debut for the highly anticipated public in the second half of 2025. Therefore, more details about the correct features, specifications, and prices should surely arrive in the coming weeks.

New Fiat Multipla 2025

Obviously, compared to the old model, the design will certainly be modern but also familiar. The lines of the Multipla 2025 were inspired by the Panda model, but with clear more generous dimensions (4.4 meters in length) to ensure ample space for passengers and luggage. The styling is rugged and assertive, very similar to that of the Citroën C3 Aircross. As has been the case with other models, performance enthusiasts have already raised doubts regarding an Abarth version of the Multipla, but for the time being the desire will have to wait.

The new Multipla will be available in two versions with different types of engines, to please most of the public who will decide to buy the car. The hybrid version is in turn made available with two power levels, 100 and 136 horsepower. this is to give the possibility of getting possession of a car that has both brilliant performance but also rather low fuel consumption, thus making it ideal for those looking for an efficient vehicle for both short urban and daily commutes and longer trips out of town. The other is the electric version, which has a range of about 400 km that is provided by an LFP battery. A perfect technology for those who particularly appreciate sustainable and quiet driving for both city and suburban movements. This electric version, should take advantage of the Smart Car platform, the same one that was used for the Panda model, although it is not entirely certain yet.

Multipla 2025

As anticipated at the beginning of the text, the Multipla wait for 2025 is spacious and versatile. It will be available in 5- or 7-seat versions, which makes it excellent for offering maximum configurability to fit the needs of every family, from the smallest to the largest. The car will be produced in the Stellantis plant in Kenitra, Morocco, and although the actual price is currently unknown, we can venture to say that it will be competitively priced. Although there are no definite sources, we assume an affordable price for everyone, with the hybrid version expected to be under 20,000 euros and the electric version under 25,000 euros.