Fiat is sales leader in the first half of 2024 in Brazil: sales data revealed

Francesco Armenio
According to the latest data collected by Fiat for the first half of 2024, Fiat remains at the top for the 42nd consecutive month.

The strong presence of the Italian brand in South America is not new. Fiat, in fact, continues to strengthen its leadership position in the automotive market, especially in Brazil. According to the latest data collected by the manufacturer, in the first half of 2024, Fiat remains at the top for the 42nd consecutive month. The Brazilian market, we know, is one of the most important, so much so that it can potentially reach claims of influence even on commercial and design decisions and choices for Fiat in Europe.

Fiat records excellent results in Brazil in the first 6 months of the year

Fiat Cronos

With a market share of 20.4% and 220,457 vehicles registered, the Italian brand has surpassed competitors with a wide margin of 51,814 units. Fiat’s recorded performance underlines not only the brand’s global leadership but also its supremacy in various market segments. In the last six months, Fiat has successfully managed to shine in different categories, with Brazil at the center of attention for the company.

In the sedan segment, it sold 71,888 units, capturing a 23.4% market share. In the pick-up segment, the dominance was even more pronounced, with 80,839 units sold and a 39% market share. As for vans, Fiat is firmly in command with 11,342 registrations and a 38.6% share. The second quarter of 2024, moreover, confirmed the very positive trend, as it was particularly interesting for Fiat, with 118,945 registrations and a 20% market share.

The notable increase in sales of the Cronos model, which recorded a 60% growth, and Toro, with a 27.1% increase compared to the last quarter, helped consolidate the leadership position in Brazil. There were also some significant difficulties, above all the shortage of components from Rio Grande do Sul. However, Fiat managed to normalize production and restore deliveries to dealers.

Fiat Toro

This recovery clarifies the brand’s near future, capable of showing a further momentum that can be seen in the results of the coming months. In June, Fiat continued to dominate with 38,163 registrations and an 18.9% market share, maintaining leadership in the sedan, pick-up, and van segments. The brand’s journey confirms consistent success in the market. Who knows if the debut of the Grande Panda, which will be available in both Europe and South America, although it should have a different name here, might improve even further the Italian brand’s sales in the Brazilian market. But while the Brazilian market continues to record excellent results, the same is not true in other markets. Recent data comparing current numbers with those of the past show that Fiat has lost thousands of sales and a significant market share globally.