Fiat Uno Mille: will this be the name of Grande Panda in Brazil?

Francesco Armenio
Fiat Grande Panda, the new car from the Italian brand, might have a different name in Brazil: here are the options
Fiat Grande Panda 2024

The Fiat Grande Panda, of which we saw the first official images a few days ago, will launch in several markets, including Brazil. There, it will have a different name, as “Panda” is not well-known in that market. According to some rumors, the Grande Panda might be named “Fiat Uno Mille” in Brazil, an iconic name in the Italian market. Recently spotted in Italy in its base model without aesthetic accessories, it generated interest due to its various black parts, including bumpers, rearview mirrors, door handles, lower grille, window frames, and wheel arches.

Fiat Grande Panda will have a different name in Brazil, but which one?

Fiat Grande Panda 2024

The model, a clear homage to the first generation of Panda from the 1980s, also strongly recalls the old Uno, a much-loved and decidedly famous car in Brazil. The images only confirm the inspiration drawn from the historic Fiat Uno and Fiat Panda. Fiat’s official announcement for its launch in Brazil is still pending, and, most importantly, confirmation of this incredible name for the Brazilian market is still lacking.

There are many speculations about the name that will be used in the Brazilian market. Options include Fiat Argo, Grande Panda itself, although very unlikely, or the return of the iconic name, Uno Mille. The model will be built on the CMP platform, the same used by the Citroën C3, a variant called STLA Smart.

In Brazil, the Grande Panda will likely have two engine options: a 75 HP 1.0 naturally aspirated engine and a 130 HP 1.0 turbo engine. The turbo version will probably be a Bio-Hybrid with a micro-hybrid configuration (MHEV). The official launch of the Fiat Grande Panda is scheduled for July 11, an opportunity to learn more about Stellantis’ plans for the new range of Fiat vehicles.

Fiat Uno Mille

Brazil, after all, remains the largest market for the Italian car manufacturer, and for this reason, it will have a great influence on the brand’s future. Some analysts believe that the Argo name hasn’t achieved great sales success, while others think that the Fiat Uno Mille name could attract many fans. Another possibility is the use of the global name Grande Panda, although this will require an explanation for the Brazilian public. The final decision will be made by Emanuele Cappellano, the new head of Stellantis South America.

Certainly, the Fiat Uno Mille will be larger than the Fiat Mobi and slightly smaller than the Fiat Argo, all products marketed in Brazil by Stellantis. All the ingredients are there for great success, given the design that recalls the beloved old model.