400,000 Fiat Cronos conquest Argentina: Extraordinary success for Stellantis Group

Gloria Fiocchi Author
A huge success for Fiat Cronos as it celebrates its 400,000 units produced in Argentina
Fiat Cronos Argentine

Since its introduction in 2018, the Cronos has emerged as the best-selling car in Argentina for three consecutive years. Now a new success that turns into a milestone chapter for Fiat in South America, with the production of 400,000 units of the beloved Fiat Cronos in Argentina

Fiat Cronos: 400,000 units produced in Argentina

A milestone that writes a piece of history for Fiat in South America, in Argentina to be precise. The automaker has reached 400,000 units produced of its most successful model, namely the Fiat Cronos.

The Fiat Cronos in Argentina is a uniquely valued car, so much so that it is seen as more than just a car; it is also seen as a symbol for the entire industry in the country’s automotive market. The Cronos is produced at the Ferreyra plant, which is located in the province of the city of Córdoba. This Fiat model is composed of a high level of integration of domestic components (almost 48 percent), a factor that demonstrates the great bond that has been created over the years between the brand and the Argentine territory.

 It is a car that fulfills the role of a reference point in the Argentine market. It should be remembered that it was presented in 2018, and since then it has emerged as the best-selling car in Argentina in the last three years, winning over Argentine end customers in all aspects. Now, the positive path continues, as the Cronos has taken the title of the car with the largest market share in the sedan segment, with a share approaching 10 percent of the total market. This means, quite simply, that 1 in 10 cars that are sold in Argentina is a Fiat Cronos.

Fiat Cronos

Time passes and the popularity of the Cronos has no intention of waning. In February 2022, the sedan even achieved a record 15.2 percent share of the total market. In this case, it is the best result ever recorded for a Fiat model since back in 1993. This history-making achievement consolidated the leadership of Stellantis, the automotive group to which Fiat belongs, in the Argentine market.

The success that has characterized Cronos in Argentina for several years now is a source of great pride for Fiat, which in this way continues to confirm its leadership in the South American market.