Opel’s Fiat Panda and Citroën e-C3 electric clone is coming

Francesco Armenio
The new low-cost electric Opel will be the twin of the Fiat Panda and Citroën e-C3, sharing many components and features.
Opel electric low cost

Following the official unveiling of the new Citroën e-C3 and with the new generation of the Fiat Panda expected to arrive in July, another low-cost electric car will soon be making its debut on the market: the Opel-branded model. This was confirmed by Florian Huettl, CEO of the German brand, to AutoBild, after presenting the new Opel Grandland and the new Frontera.

Opel will launch the twin of the Fiat Panda and Citroën e-C3

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Considering the presence of the Opel Corsa Electric and the Mokka-e, the brand’s next goal is to enter the city car segment by launching an electric car priced under €25,000. This could be a new twin of the e-C3 and the Panda, given that both will be produced on the same platform, both will be electric, and both will be decidedly affordable.

Huettl did not provide a timeline for the arrival of this new green low-cost car, but explained that the next generation of electric car platforms will make it possible to further reduce costs, thus opening up the possibility of achieving the long-awaited price parity between combustion engine cars and zero-emission cars.

Throughout its history, Opel has had models in this segment, such as the Corsa, which has grown in size over the years and evolved with the market, as well as the Adam and the Karl. It is not excluded that the new model could be a successor to the Adam or even a brand-new car with no reference to the past.

We’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime, the Opel CEO is convinced that government incentives are a useful tool at this stage to promote the spread of electric cars, citing the example of the social leasing system in France, which has been a huge success. Finally, he reiterated the goal of selling only electric Opels from 2028 onwards.