New Fiat Punto Sport: sporty version gets to show off in video by Tommaso D’Amico

Gloria Fiocchi Author
In a video by designer Tommaso D’Amico hypothesizes the look of a sporty version of the legendary hatchback, sparking the web.
Fiat Puto Sport render

Nostalgia and passion for an iconic car. A video by designer Tommaso D’Amico has made fans of the Fiat Punto dream, hypothesizing the look of a sports version, the Punto Sport. The aggressive and modern design revisits key elements of the original car in a contemporary key. 

Fiat Punto Sport: a dream come back to life?

The Fiat Punto was a car that marked an era for many, winning the hearts of generations of drivers with its practicality, style and affordable price. Although its production ended in 2018, the Punto remains an iconic car, still fondly remembered by many enthusiasts.

Punto Sport Concept

A designer ignites nostalgia. Recently, in fact, a video by designer Tommaso D’Amico posted on YouTube made fans of the Punto dream, hypothesizing the look of a sporty version, the Punto Sport. In the video, D’Amico imagines a Punto Sport with an aggressive and modern design, while retaining some key elements that made the original car famous. The front features a wide grille and sharp LED headlights, while the side profile features flowing lines and a sloping roof. The rear is dominated by a diffuser and a dual center exhaust.

Fiat Punto Sport

D’Amico’s video has been a big hit on the web, garnering thousands of views and shares. The comments are full of enthusiasm and nostalgia, with many fans expressing their desire to see the return of the Punto Sport. D’Amico’s design has been appreciated for its ability to combine tradition and innovation, creating a car that is both modern and recognizable. Under the hood of the Punto Sport Concept pulses a 190-hp 1.6 T4 engine, capable of high performance and a fun ride. The transmission is automatic and traction is rear-wheel drive. Also planned for BEV and PHEV engines to meet the needs of the environmentally conscious.

Punto Sport render

Although this video is only a render, it has ignited the hope of many who would like to see the return of the Punto Sport. However, there is currently no concrete evidence that Fiat is actually working on a new model. The automaker, part of the Stellantis Group, recently confirmed the launch of three new models by 2026: the new Panda, the new Multipla, and a third model, possibly a coupe SUV. Stellantis’ strategies thus seem to be moving toward other market segments, with a focus on crossovers and SUVs. This makes the return of the Punto, and particularly of a sporty version like the Punto Sport, less likely in the short term.

Despite little hope of a concrete return, the Fiat Punto Sport remains a living dream for many enthusiasts. Tommaso D’Amico’s video showed how much this car is still loved and how enthusiastically its hypothetical return would be welcomed. The Punto Sport represents an important piece of Fiat and Italian automotive history, and its memory will live on in the memories and hearts of those who loved it. And you, what do you think of the modern designed Punto Sport?