Stellantis, more than 16 new launches by 2026: here are all the new features

Francesco Armenio
Stellantis, during the Investor Day 2024, announced the arrival of more than 16 vehicles from today until 2026.
Stellantis new models from 2024 to 2026

During the first Stellantis Investor Day 2024, the automotive Group announced the arrival of more than 16 new models on STLA Large and STLA Medium platforms from its brands by the end of 2026. Among these are the already announced Peugeot e-3008 and e-5008, Opel Grandland, Dodge Charger Daytona, Jeep Recon, and Wagoneer S, for 2024.

Stellantis: all the new features coming from today to 2026


Speaking of vehicles on the STLA Large and STLA Medium platforms, in 2025 a vehicle from DS Automobiles, two from Jeep, one from Citroen, the new generation of Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and the Dodge Charger with an internal combustion engine will arrive. As for Lancia, the sporty version of Ypsilon will arrive, with the HF logo. In 2026, another DS Automobiles vehicle, one from Chrysler, Lancia Gamma, and the new generation of Alfa Romeo Giulia will be launched on the market. Like the Stelvio, the Giulia will continue to be produced at the Cassino plant.

Regarding other platforms, Fiat will launch the new generation of Fiat Panda, of which the first teaser has been published, while in 2025 it will be the turn of the new Fiat Multipla. In 2026, a further model will arrive which, in all probability, will be an SUV that will take on the appearance of the large concept car shown by the car manufacturer a few months ago.

Stellantis new models from 2024 to 2026

Although not present in the official lineup, this year will also see the arrival of models from Leapmotor, a Chinese car manufacturer with which Stellantis has entered into a collaboration for a joint venture after acquiring 20% of the company for 1.5 billion euros. Among these are the T03, which will have a price lower than 20,000 euros, and the C10 SUV. Therefore, there are quite a few new features from the automotive Group, which during the event promised a significant return of capital to its investors.