Fiat Grande Panda: production start date revealed

Francesco Armenio
Fiat Grande Panda production begins in July in Serbia. New electric and hybrid model to boost economy and Fiat’s global reach.
Fiat Grande Panda 2024

Fiat Grande Panda production in Serbia will begin in July 2024. This is confirmed by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic: “On July 11, 2024, the model to be produced in Kragujevac will be officially presented. Production will begin in the second half of the month.” According to the government, the new Fiat model will be a great incentive for development and progress. Moreover, it is thought to be crucial for the country’s growth and the local sector.

Fiat Grande Panda: production will start in the middle of next month

Fiat Grande Panda 2024

The Fiat Grande Panda will be electric and hybrid. “We will produce an electric car, which is of considerable importance to us,” Vucic added. So much so that the Serbian executive wants to introduce state eco-incentives for these vehicles: a 5,000 euro government bonus for almost all electric cars, with a higher discount for electric cars produced in the country. However, it is thought that the electric version will not sell much, despite an affordable price. The hybrid version, on the other hand, is expected to have significant sales volumes and will steal customers from the ‘old’ Fiat Panda, which will remain on the market for several more years.

Designed in Italy at the Centro Stile in Turin, the Fiat Grande Panda is 3.99 meters long, with simple lines. At the front, the headlights stand out, composed of opaline cubes, which take inspiration from the windows of the Lingotto factory in Italy. At the rear, the robust wheel arches give the back a strong character, also thanks to the inclination of the windows. In some aspects, although much larger and bigger in size, it recalls the first generation of Panda from the 1980s.

According to Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat: “the Grande Panda aims to consolidate the brand’s global presence. This compact car is based on a global platform. Fiat starts its transition towards common global platforms that reach all regions of the world, transferring the resulting benefits to its international clientele.”