Fiat Fastback: queen of convenience in Brazil at Lowest Cost of Use Award 2024

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Fiat solidifies its undisputed leadership role in Brazil, winning an unprecedented triumph at the Lowest Cost of Use Award 2024.
Fiat Fastback Quatro Rodas award

An award that recognizes vehicles with the lowest running costs, giving the title of best compact SUV to the Fiat Fastback T200 Flex. A concentrated value at an unbeatable price, the Fastback T200 Flex stands out for its style, performance, safety and technology, all at affordable costs for a wide audience.

Fiat Fastback receives Lowest Cost of Use Award 2024

Since 2017, the automotive magazine Quatro Rodas has awarded the Lowest Cost of Use award to cars that have the least impact on Brazilians’ household budgets. An award born from research that analyzes several factors, including fuel costs, maintenance, insurance, and residual value. It is an award that recognizes convenience: year after year, the Lowest Cost of Use rewards different models, valuing cars that offer the best value for money and provide access to mobility without sacrificing performance, safety and technology.

And for the year 2024, the award went to Fiat, which achieved yet another confirmation as the undisputed leader in Brazil, winning another prestigious triumph. Thanks to its Fiat Fastback T200 Flex compact SUV, it won the title of best-in-class model, establishing itself as a concentrate of style, performance, safety and technology, all at truly affordable costs for a wide range of audiences.


This success represents the marque’s commitment to making cars that are affordable for everyone, without necessarily having to give up valuable content. But the triumph is not limited to the Fastback alone: in fact, Fiat also dominated the pickup segment with Strada, the best-selling vehicle in Brazil, rewarded for its low maintenance costs, and Toro, which took second and third place in the category with the Strada Endurance 1.3 CP and Toro Freedom 1.3 Turbo Flex models. This absolute domination testifies to the unbeatable competitiveness of Fiat pickups, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of vehicle operating costs.

But the successes are by no means over for the manufacturer ca. Also added to the list is the Fiat Mobi for Like 1.0 version, one of the top 10 best-selling cars in Brazil. The car is confirmed as one of the cars with the lowest cost of use in its category, going to confirm once again its role as the “democratic” car par excellence, accessible to all. An award that confirms Fiat’s philosophy, which has always been committed to creating cars that offer the best value for money on the market, guaranteeing excellent performance and low running costs.

At this time, the manufacturer makes it very energetically known that it intends to continue with its business strategy over time. The current goal will be the same as what we will see in the future, which is to continue marketing cars that are affordable to the greatest number of users.