Fiat 500 Hybrid: farewell to dream? The new Panda is the reason behind the shift

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Fiat 500 Hybrid leaves the scene to make way for the new Panda, which will also be in a hybrid version.
New Fiat Panda

There was hope for a hybrid model for the Fiat 500e, which could give a boost to the electric city car’s less-than-stellar sales. That would also have benefited the Mirafiori-based Stellantis plant where it is produced. Unfortunately, however, Fiat CEO Olivier Francois has denied this possibility. The new Fiat Panda is apparently to blame.

Fiat 500e

Fiat’s decision to focus on the new hybrid Panda marks the end of the 500 Hybrid project

Fiat has decided to change its strategy and bet everything on the new Panda. In fact, we will not see any 500 Hybrid on the horizon, as confirmed by CEO Olivier Francois. This choice was made because of the arrival on the market of the new Panda, which will have a hybrid version. This car is in fact scheduled for July 11, 2024, and thanks to its features it will position itself as a direct rival to the Citroën C3 Hybrid.

New Panda will be made available at an affordable price but without sacrificing cutting-edge technology. This mix, makes it an attractive option for those looking for an efficient and affordable car. The model features virtually the same Stellantis Group technologies already employed in the Citroën C3 Hybrid, but with the difference of providing electrified driving range at an unbeatable price.

For this deployment, Fiat has allocated about 100 million euros. Development of the new Panda, will be carried out entirely at the Kragujevac plant in Serbia. Production in Serbia is an important step for the Italian brand, which has as one of its major goals to succeed in strengthening its presence in Eastern Europe.

New Fiat Panda

In addition to the hybrid, the new Panda will also have all-electric versions with base prices of 20,000 euros. Such a competitive price clearly positions it as one of the most affordable electric cars on the market. This strategy aims to democratize electric mobility as much as possible, making it accessible to a wider audience.

So, then does this signal an end to 500 Hybrid? Not quite. In fact, the 500 remains available only as a 100 percent electric version. New, more economical variants with greater range will also be introduced. These innovations aim to strengthen the 500’s position in the city electric car segment as much as possible.

At the moment, the Panda is the centerpiece of Fiat’s new strategy in the area of affordable hybrid and electric cars. With its highly competitive price, advanced technologies and affordable electric versions, the Panda is believed to be ready to conquer the market and become a benchmark for sustainable mobility.

Therefore, Fiat decided to waste no time and turn over a new leaf. Strongly determined to bet everything on the new Panda and its electric version, opening a new chapter under the banner of affordability and sustainability. The 500 Hybrid, while not seeing the light of day at the moment, nevertheless leaves room for a broader and more affordable strategy for the Italian brand. Certainly the manufacturer continues to look to the future with confidence and with the goal of making electric mobility a reality for all.