Alfa Romeo revolution: a totally renovated range by 2030

Gloria Fiocchi Author
From 2025 until 2030 Alfa Romeo will launch a series of blockbuster new models with the brand’s signature features.
Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is not standing still and is aiming for an innovative future with an ambitious strategy: by 2030, the Biscione automaker will launch a series of new models that will revolutionize its range, with the brand’s iconic and unmistakable design, performance and technology, and under the banner of electrification.

Alfa Romeo expands range with one new model per year until 2030

Alfa Romeo’s future promises to be full of big news that is sure to win over many car enthusiasts around the world. In fact, by the year 2030, Alfa Romeo has planned a series of new launches, one following the other that will be added to the range. They will all be models that will surely come to the public with features worthy of the brand and design that never disappoints. In short, a series of events not to be missed that will drag Alfa Romeo into a future that is certainly more sustainable but also more performant and innovative.


Starting next year, we can say that 2025 will mark the first step in this major change with the arrival of the new generation Stelvio, the first SUV from Stellantis produced in Europe on the STLA Large platform. The car will be produced in Cassino and is tasked with serving as a symbol of the transition to a greener future for Alfa Romeo, bringing together the great performance it will have and a concern for the planet.

Following on, in the spring of 2026, it will be the turn of the new Giulia. We are talking about a D-segment sedan that is being revised as an even sportier and more aerodynamic coupe. This car will also be produced in Cassino on the STLA Large platform. Surely, it will have all the aesthetic and technical features that will win over most users and the automotive market. 

As for 2027, on the other hand, it could see the arrival of a new E-segment SUV, with the intention of trying to excel the target sector of China and the United States. This new model, the details of which are not yet known, represents Alfa Romeo’s ambition to try to compete with the big names in the luxury automotive sector.

Alfa Romeo E-SUV

Moving on, we turn to 2028, which could instead be the year of the return of a car that has already caught the eye. This is a possible heir to the Giuletta, which would be presented as a coupe sedan, and it could certainly greatly enrich the Alfa Romeo range. Whatever name it will be given, this new upcoming car will surely meet the expectations of previous fans of the model.

Finally, we come to the year 2030, in which the second generation Tonale is expected, fully electric and built on the STLA Medium platform. This new model will symbolize a decisive step in Alfa Romeo’s electrification strategy.

Junior Coupe

Along with the models already announced, Alfa Romeo may continue to surprise with additional new features, such as a second E-segment model, a coupe sedan, and a new limited-edition Duetto made through the “Bottega” program. So, in short, as you probably have guessed by now, Alfa Romeo has every intention of positioning itself in the top ranks of Stellantis premium brands worldwide.