Alfa Romeo Cento64: dream of a sporty coupe sedan back to life?

Gloria Fiocchi Author
An intriguing speculation comes to life from the web: the “Cento64,” a sports coupe sedan that could represent the future of Alfa Romeo.
Cento64 Alfa Romeo render

Elaborated by digital designer Salvatore Lepore, this design combines the brand’s timeless elegance with a sporty, gritty personality. And if confirmed, this model may be an important part of Alfa Romeo’s future. But is it just a hypothesis, or is there a possibility of a grand release in the market? 

Alfa Romeo: a fascinating hypothesis for a coupe sedan

Possible arrivals of a new coupé sedan by Alfa Romeo are circulating in the world of the web. An event that, of course, only fuels the enthusiasm of fans of the brand. In fact, designer Salvatore Lepore recently tried to speculate on the possible design of this car, giving it the name “Cento64

It’s lines are inspired by the historic Junior car. The styling highlights a silhouette that is as elegant as it is sporty with a decisive truncated tail. Should it be confirmed, the Cento64 could most likely represent the brand’s third sedan after the upcoming new Giulia and the Giulietta heir, definitely positioning itself as the flagship of the range. Moreover, it seems that this model could be a version that would be positioned between the base version and the Quadrifoglio, with a power output that could reach as high as 1,000 horsepower.

At the moment, however, the debut of this car is not yet confirmed by official sources and in any case would not be expected before 2028 or even 2029. The approval of the project could depend on several factors, such as how the Alfa Romeo brand will evolve and whether its vehicles will be approved globally as well.

Alfa Romeo Cento 64 render

A return to the premium sports sedan market could certainly favor the realization of this model Cento64. Conversely, on the other hand, while if the market were to prefer models such as SUVs and crossovers in the future, this could push Alfa Romeo to focus on other models to be offered in the market.

Despite everything being still quite uncertain, Alfa Romeo seems to have quite clear ideas about its future. Following the arrival of Tonale and Junior, the next few years may see the debut of the new generations of Stelvio and Giulia. By the end of 2024, on the other hand, it will also be decided which will be the fifth model to be presented in the range, which is expected in 2027 and which could be an E-SUV or a compact sedan.

In short, the future of Alfa Romeo is currently full of potential novelties, and the “Cento64” would be a real dream for many fans of the brand. We just have to wait for the events to unfold, continuing to fuel the anticipation. Alfa Romeo will certainly surprise, as the Stellantis automotive group has every intention of positioning the brand as a premium brand worldwide.