2025: Stellantis targeting Stelvio and Multipla for re-launch. Which one debuts first?

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Alfa Romeo Stelvio or Fiat Multipla: who will debut first in 2025?
Multipla and Stelvio

In 2025, two new icons are set to hit the roads: the revamped Alfa Romeo Stelvio and the new Fiat Multipla. Here’s which is speculated will come out first for the big debut 

Alfa Romeo Stelvio or Fiat Multipla: here’s which one will debut first in 2025

The year 2025 as we know promises to be a very important and eventful year for the Stellantis automotive group. In particular, we are all looking forward to two highly anticipated debuts in Italy. These are the new Fiat Multipla and the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Although they have both been confirmed by Stellantis to be available in the automotive market, official dates and times are not yet known.

As for the new Fiat Multipla, the much-loved heir to the historic minivan, we know from available sources that it should debut by the summer of next year, between June and July to be precise. It could be a slightly longer and roomier version of the Fiat Panda. For this model from Fiat, this is certainly a return in style for a model that marked an era in the Italian automotive scene.

New Fiat Multipla 2025

Therefore, proceeding in chronological order, it certainly seems that for the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, fans of the model and the brand will have to wait a bit longer, as it is expected to debut in the fall of next year. The car will be produced in Cassino, Italy, and will be the first car from the Stellantis group to be born in Europe on the STLA Large platform. This is a very important model for the international market for Stellantis, which aims to win over a large part of the audience in the market.

The continued success of Fiat Multipla and Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be quite decisive for the future of Stellantis. Indeed, the two models represent two types of market segments that are very popular, both in Italy and in many other countries around the world. This is precisely why their debut will be useful for the automotive group’s strategy to expand the presence of its brands in international markets.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2025

Therefore, from the sources available so far the order of release would be won by the Multipla. In any case, both cars are equipped with features that can most likely make them major market players by 2025.