Giulia and Giulietta getting ready share a bold new distinctive design element

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Combined by an eye-catching and aerodynamic design, these cars embody the brand’s commitment to innovation and style. Here’s what they have in common
Alfa Romeo Giulia

Forget classic sedans, because Alfa Romeo is aiming for a decidedly sportier and more aerodynamic future for these two icons. Both cars will abandon traditional lines and embrace a distinctive new look that brings them together to be elegant and sporty at the same time. 

Here’s the feature shared between the new Alfa Romeo Giulia and the eventual Giulietta successor

Alfa Romeo is unveiling its business strategies for the next generations of the Giulia and Giulietta, two cars that come together with an eye-catching and aerodynamic design that wants to push strongly toward an increasingly modernized future. One detail in particular could be a symbol that will distinguish both cars. 

New Giulia, officially unveiled by CEO Jean Philippe Imparato, has been created by leaving the traditional lines of the three-box sedan in the past to refer more to a more sporty and modern style, like that of a hatchback coupe sedan and a half. The car will be designed with the STLA Large platform that will surely guarantee high performance and all-Italian production.

New Alfa Romeo Giulia

As for the Giulietta‘s heir, we currently find it still shrouded in mystery. This new car could arrive between 2027 and 2028. Some sources have spoken of a coupe sedan with the same truncated tail that also characterizes the new Giulia, a detail that strongly emphasizes the brand’s sportiness. For design, the STLA Medium platform is the most likely candidate. In contrast, however, production remains uncertain. The Melfi plant in Italy could certainly be a viable option, although there is currently no confirmation of this. 

Design and technology still remain central to Alfa Romeo’s business philosophy for these two cars. The Giulietta heir and the new Giulia symbolize the brand’s design evolution, bringing together both sportiness and elegance. Of course, there will be no shortage of advanced technology aspects, features that are confirmed through the use of state-of-the-art platforms that are used in production and by the hybrid and electric engines.

New Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Therefore, given the characteristics of both cars, it seems that a key element that could be a symbol for the two cars may be just the truncated tail. This is a detail that is not only an aesthetic one, since it would also represent an advantage in terms of aerodynamics and performance. A detail that is meant to emphasize even more Alfa Romeo’s desire to recreate a design that is completely unprecedented.

To finish, it can be mentioned that both cars will be available with hybrid and plug-in engines, in line with Alfa Romeo’s electrification strategy. With these two cars, the message Alfa Romeo wants to get across seems quite clear and direct. In fact, the brand is focusing its strategy on factors such as electrification, which is crucial for the future of cars and the planet, and unique design to make its cars increasingly “different.”