280 HP of pure emotion: the electric Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce comes in

Gloria Fiocchi Author
The new Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce is now arrived. It is a 100% electric and truly fast compact SUV. 
Junior Veloce

With its 280 hp of power from Italian state-of-the-art engineering, the new all-electric Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce represents the apex of innovation and performance. 

Here is the new Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce

Alfa Romeo has finally unveiled its new Junior Veloce car, which is the sportiest version of its new compact SUV. The car is equipped with a 100 percent electric motor capable of delivering an impressive 280 hp of power. This is a true marvel created by high technology and engineering made in Italy. This new model is set to dominate the roads and ensure unique experiences when driving it.

Alfa Romeo Junior

The Junior Veloce’s new electric motor has all the characteristics to be able to deliver jaw-dropping acceleration and a top speed like a true sports car. The power, in line with the Giulia, Stelvio and Tonale PHEV models, is the result of the great teamwork of Alfa Romeo engineers. Indeed, they have managed to optimize every single aspect of the powertrain to achieve the maximum in performance.

The car is not only seen as a powerhouse, as it also comes with impeccable control. The car comes with the best steering in its segment, in conjunction with suspension lowered by 25 mm, increased anti-roll bars and an upgraded braking system with 380 mm front discs. In short, this is a kit that is capable of providing exceptional control, allowing the driver to keep the car under control even in the most challenging corners. Completing the car’s valuable supply are the 20-inch high-performance tires. Details that are not insignificant ,since they were chosen specifically for electric vehicles and capable of putting into practice exceptional grip and maximizing autonomy.

The extensive work to develop the Junior Veloce was taken care of by the same team of engineers that created such masterpieces as the 4C, 8C, Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio. In fact, the result is that of a car that perfectly represents the values the brand holds dear. These are surely Alfa Romeo’s iconic design, high and satisfying performance for all, and last but not least, driving pleasure that is real.

To fall into no fault of workmanship, the Junior Veloce underwent rigorous development tests that took place on the same circuit that has been used for Alfa Romeo’s other road cars in recent decades, as well as Alfa Corse’s competition cars. This is an ongoing commitment that is intended to assure buyers of the true value of the vehicle they are buying. Now the new Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce is ready to make its mark on the market.