Stellantis&You UK: new location in Bristol

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Stellantis &You has unveiled a new multi-brand showroom, opening the doors of its new ultra-modern showroom in Bristol. 
Stellantis&You Bristol

It is a new venue in Cribbs Causeway that represents a multimillion-dollar investment and marks an important milestone in the group’s expansion in the UK

Stellantis &You Bristol Cribbs: multi-brand showrooms debut 

Stellantis &You is the UK’s leading automotive group. It is a vehicle trading giant formed by the merger of FCA and PSA. The group offers a wide range of cars and also commercial vehicles both new and used. In addition, customers can always enjoy comprehensive after-sales services through a network of dealers located throughout the UK. Stellantis &You has opened its new showroom with as many as six brands featured in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. This multimillion-dollar investment undoubtedly represents a milestone that means a great deal to Stellantis &You’s expansion in the UK, as well as marking the beginning of a new chapter in motoring in Bristol.

The new state-of-the-art multi-marca showroom houses the Abarth, Alfa Romeo, DS Automobiles, Fiat, Jeep, and Peugeot brands, offering customers in Bristol and surrounding areas a very wide range of new and used cars and commercial vehicles. Thirteen cars have been put on display and the total showroom space covers an area of 856 m², a rather significant expansion from the previous Peugeot location. Also provided was 120 parking spaces for used vehicles and a complete after-sales workshop to ensure seamless customer service.

Stellantis&You Bristol

The new Stellantis &You Bristol Cribbs building was obviously designed according to the latest design and innovation criteria of the Stellantis Group. In the foreground we always find the great attention to sustainability. In fact, we immediately notice the use of solar panels on the roof that are capable of generating 8 kWp of electricity, powering the building and feeding the surplus back into the grid. All the trees that were already on the site have been preserved and supplemented with new plantings of trees and shrubs, fully respecting nature and creating an even more welcoming environment.

The Stellantis &You Bristol Cribbs team is equipped with a proven track record and passion regarding the automotive industry. The team, which also won Peugeot’s Gold Lion Retailer of the Year 2023 award, has been expanded with the integration of 13 new hires to a total of 41 employees. In addition, there is also an active apprenticeship program that serves to ensure that the team’s skills are properly passed on to the next generation to ensure impeccable customer service that is durable over the years. 

Ky Hunter, General Manager of Stellantis &You Bristol Cribbs confirmed that he is particularly proud of the entire team and the results that have been achieved so far. He also added that this new site marks a new chapter for Stellantis &You Bristol Cribbs. His statement ended by saying that the group has already been very successful with Peugeot for many years but that there is now nonetheless great passion on the part of the entire team to continue to best represent the new brands across the country.

More important statement came from Richard Garbutt, Managing Director of Stellantis &You UK who confirmed the extraordinary moment for the Bristol team that also presents itself as an important opportunity for the Stellantis &You UK group. The A.D. also commented that the new site represents a large investment as well as highlights the strong commitment from the team over the past 18 months. The result is an exceptional location with six brands that will offer existing and possible new customers a fantastic experience. In conclusion, he said the opening of Stellantis &You Bristol Cribbs also marks the introduction of the group’s first Alfa Romeo and Jeep showrooms, a very significant detail indeed in the brand’s strategic expansion plan

The opening of Stellantis &You Bristol Cribbs at the moment marks a very important step in Stellantis &You’s expansion in the United Kingdom. The group, which already has 24 Peugeot, 17 Citroën, 6 DS, 5 Vauxhall, 4 Fiat and 4 Abarth new car dealerships, recently added Fiat and Abarth in West London and Vauxhall in Selly Oak, Birmingham. In addition, there are apparently plans to open a new Vauxhall location in Birmingham during the course of summer 2024.