Stellantis plans to increase Jeep sales by 50% by 2027

Francesco Armenio
Jeep sales will increase significantly by 2027 thanks to Stellantis’ new strategy.
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“The Jeep brand can be important everywhere,” Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares told investors during the Group’s Investor Day at the North American headquarters. The American automaker plans to expand the number of its vehicles from 10 to 13 by 2027, said Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa.

Jeep: sales expected to increase by 50% by 2027, according to Stellantis

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The vehicle lineup will offer 27 different powertrain options, which will include traditional internal combustion engines, hybrid variants, extended-range plug-in hybrids, and fully electric models, up from the current 18 models. “Our goal is to grow,” stated Filosa, highlighting three key pillars of his strategy: customers’ freedom of choice in powertrains, market presence expansion, and globalization.

A particular focus of growth is aimed at North America, where the company aims to increase sales to 1 million units by 2027, starting from 700,000 units sold the previous year. Jeep is expected to launch the Wagoneer S EV by the end of the year, followed by an off-road vehicle inspired by the Jeep Wrangler called Recon.

A new unnamed mid-size SUV is planned for next year to replace the discontinued gasoline-powered Cherokee SUV. Jeep is also planning plug-in versions of its current large Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer SUVs. According to the company’s investor report, a Jeep Renegade electric vehicle priced at around $25,000 is expected by 2027.

New Jeep Renegade

Carlos Tavares announced this vehicle last month, saying it would arrive in the United States “very soon.” The importance of such a vehicle has become more evident as Chinese automakers like BYD and Nio have increased their sales of less expensive electric vehicles outside of China. In the first quarter of this year, Jeep sales amounted to 31,750, a 47% increase compared to the same period the previous year. The brand sold nearly 643,000 vehicles last year, down 6% from 2022. Jeep accounted for 42% of Stellantis’ sales in the United States in 2023.