Stellantis Mirafiori plant closure affects 3,500 workers until September

Francesco Armenio
Stellantis has announced the production halt at the Mirafiori plant, which will remain closed until the end of August.
Stellantis Mirafiori

The Stellantis plant in Mirafiori, Italy, is going through a difficult period, with significant challenges due to low demand for the Fiat 500e and Maserati models. This negative period will continue at least until September, judging by Stellantis’s decision to halt production from July 15, just four days after the official presentation of the Fiat Grande Panda. The announcement was made to labor unions yesterday, July 5.

Stellantis: after production stops in Warren and Toledo, the Mirafiori factory in Italy closes until September

500 Stellantis Mirafiori

The production lines for Fiat 500e and Maserati, which employ 3,500 workers, will remain idle from July 15 to August 4, when the previously announced August holidays will begin. In total, the factory will remain closed until August 25. The introduction of incentives for electric cars in Italy had raised hopes for a turnaround, but sales of Fiat’s electric city car in Italy have not taken off even with government subsidies.

Sara Rinaudo, territorial secretary of Fismic Confsal in Turin, stated: “We understand the challenges that the automotive sector is facing globally. Rapid technological changes, as well as new environmental regulations and market fluctuations, are testing the resilience of all involved parties, from companies to workers.”

“We need to discuss a strategic plan that not only protects jobs but also encourages employees to have a perspective of growth and development with the arrival of new models. The 500e and the 500 Hybrid, not yet in production, are not sufficient for Mirafiori’s future at this moment of full transition,” Rinaudo concludes.

Fiat 500 Hybrid

The situation at the Mirafiori plant could improve with the market launch of the new 500 Ibrida. According to recent rumors, the new model could arrive earlier than expected, with Stellantis seemingly accelerating the timeline to bring the model to market as soon as possible. What is also concerning is the situation in the United States, where Stellantis has announced further staff cuts at the Warren and Toledo plants, where Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, as well as Ram 1500 and Jeep Gladiator are produced.