New Lancia Thesis: a glimpse at the potential future flagship

Francesco Armenio
The upcoming Lancia cars at the moment are only Lancia Gamma and Delta, in addition to the new Ypsilon: in the future, a Lancia Thesis could also arrive.
New Lancia Thesis

New Lancia Thesis is a render created by Salvatore Lepore, who tried to imagine what a future Lancia flagship might look like. According to many, if things go well for the Italian car manufacturer in the coming years, this could be the fourth model in the range to arrive after the new Lancia Ypsilon unveiled in February and the new Lancia Gamma and Lancia Delta, which will debut in 2026 and 2028 respectively.

Here’s how a future and hypothetical new Lancia Thesis might look like, which could debut by 2030

Lancia logo

New Lancia Thesis is currently not one of Lancia’s official projects, but it’s certainly a type of car that many would like to see in the Italian car manufacturer’s range, considered by the Stellantis group as one of its three premium brands along with Alfa Romeo and DS Automobiles. The Group led by Carlos Tavares hopes to relaunch the brand in grand style in the coming years. Therefore, if things should go in the right direction, then hypothesizing the arrival of other models beyond the three already confirmed would no longer be utopian.

In this regard, it’s said that among the cars that could arrive there would be a B-SUV and also a flagship. This new Lancia Thesis is inspired by this potential car, taking cues from the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE concept and also from the new Lancia Ypsilon to incorporate some design elements that we will almost certainly find in all future cars of the Italian brand.

New Lancia Thesis

We’ll see if a model of this type could indeed find space in Lancia’s range or if the brand will decide to focus on other models. Much will obviously depend on how sales go in the coming years, but also on what the geopolitical situation will be and how the market will have evolved in the meantime. Some hypothesize that with the advent of electric cars there could be a return to more aerodynamic sedans. Others think that the dominance of SUVs will continue for a long time to come.