New Fiat Panda and Pandina: finally available to order, find out the prices and news

Gloria Fiocchi Author
New Panda and its Pandina variant are ready to be ordered in Italy. 
Fiat Pandina

The Panda and its Pandina variant are revamped for 2024 with a more modern design, cutting-edge technology, and efficient engines. and now the time has finally come for them to be ordered in Italy. How much do they cost? 

Here’s how much the new Fiat Panda and Pandina cost that can now be ordered

The time has finally come to be able to order the new Fiat Panda and its Pandina variant. The two hatchbacks that have made history have now been greatly renewed in design and technology and are ready to conquer the roads and its fans. Let’s take a closer look in detail at the new features and prices of these long-awaited cars.

While the new Fiat Panda and Pandina certainly retain the compact and functional design that has always made them famous, there are some elements that have been updated that make them obviously more modern and even more comprehensive. On the outside, the new LED front and rear light clusters stand out, giving the car a touch of elegance and sportiness. Also noteworthy is the adoption of Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which are precisely mandatory as of July 2024. These are systems that aim to ensure safer and more comfortable driving for everyone in the cabin. As for the interior, it will certainly live up to customers’ expectations, although more changes and innovations may be planned for the interior at the moment.


The new Panda and Pandina are available to the public with a range of efficient and durable engines, which are responsible for ensuring the car’s low fuel consumption and environmental friendliness. The 70-hp 1.0 Hybrid gasoline engine is definitely the ideal choice for those looking for a good compromise between performance and fuel consumption. For those who wish to have a little more sportiness on their hands, the 90-hp 0.9 TwinAir Turbo gasoline version is also available, with superior performance.

From a price of 15,900 euros, the New Fiat Panda is available in the version with a 70-hp 1.0 Hybrid engine. Also interesting is the financing option with monthly installments starting at 289 euros. In this case, the purchase offer includes a fixed TAN at 8.75%, APR 12.06% and with no down payment. The New Fiat Pandina on the other hand, which replaces the Cross trim, is made available to the public with a starting price of 18,900 euros. Financing with monthly installments starting from 162 euros is also available for this model. This type of financing, involves a down payment of 5,670 euros and a higher final installment of 9,741 euros. The New Fiat Panda and Pandina can already be ordered at Fiat dealerships. Delivery of the first cars is expected in the coming weeks.