New Fiat Multipla: will this be its final design?

Francesco Armenio
The new generation of Fiat Multipla will debut during 2025 and some designers are imagining what it could look like based on the Grande Panda.
New Fiat Multipla 2025

The new Fiat Multipla represents the next important launch for the Italian brand, following the Fiat Grande Panda. The latter will be presented on July 11, but it’s already known thanks to official images released in recent days. These images have inspired many digital artists to imagine future cars of the new range. The Grande Panda, in fact, will give birth to a new family of vehicles that will include, in addition to the Multipla, a coupe SUV, a pickup, and a van.

Fiat Multipla: here’s what the new generation could look like

New Fiat Multipla 2025

Kleber Silva is one of the digital designers who has created several versions based on the Fiat Grande Panda. After creating various versions of the vehicle, including a coupe SUV and an Abarth version, he recently published a new render that could represent the look of the future Fiat Multipla. The latter will debut by the end of next year and its production will take place at the Stellantis plant in Kenitra, Morocco.

The new Multipla will use Stellantis’ Smart Car platform, shared with the new Panda, and will have many aesthetic similarities with it. It will be about 4.4 meters long and will share dimensions and philosophy with the Citroen C3 Aircross. Both models will offer great capacity and good value for money, with versions available in 5 and 7 seats.

The presented render could be close to the reality of the future vehicle. The designer seems to have drawn inspiration from both the Fiat Grande Panda and the Citroen C3 Aircross. The combination of elements from these two models should characterize the new Multipla, which is expected to become an important presence in the market starting from 2025. We can only wait for official news about the new Fiat Multipla, which could arrive in the coming months.