New Alfa Romeo MiTo: the rendering that imagines it on a Lancia Ypsilon base

Gloria Fiocchi Author
While the future of an official new model remains uncertain, the passion for the Alfa Romeo MiTo will not go away. A designer has imagined what a new MiTo could look like based on the recent Lancia Ypsilon.
Alfa Romeo MiTo based Ypsilon

An idea that has ignited the hearts of enthusiasts, even though they are aware that such a model will not arrive. Salvatore Lepore‘s render shows a MiTo with an aggressive and distinctive front end, featuring the classic Alfa Romeo badge and streamlined LED headlights. The sleek silhouette culminates in a sporty rear end with the Alfa Romeo shield completing the design. An heir that echoes the allure of the past. This digital reinterpretation retains the sporty, gritty character that has made the MiTo so beloved, yet with a modern twist thanks to the Ypsilon base.

As imagined an Alfa Romeo MiTo based on the Lancia Ypsilon

Currently, hopes of seeing a new Alfa Romeo MiTo hurtle onto the roads have completely vanished. The brand in fact, for the time being, is focusing its forces on other market segments, leaving the baton in the B-segment to the newly born Alfa Romeo Junior, which replaces in every detail the MiTo that so many would dream of seeing active again.

Despite confirmations denying its return, for the many fans of the compact sports car, the MiTo remains a dream in their hearts. A dream that has been fueled out of all proportion lately by renders such as the one created by Salvatore Lepore. We are talking about an italian digital artist who imagined the MiTo based on the new Lancia Ypsilon, which was unveiled in February this year.

Lepore’s hypothetical MiTo inherited the sporty and racy character of the Junior, featuring an aggressive front end with the classic Alfa Romeo symbol prominently displayed and LED headlights resting on streamlined lines. The sleek silhouette culminates in a rear with the Alfa Romeo badge completing the picture of the imagined car.

MiTo rendering

Although the official return of the MiTo seems entirely a remote possibility, its appeal remains intact. For now, the Biscione’s many fans will have to be content with admiring renderings and dreaming by reliving memories of the exciting adventures they had aboard this little car that helped make the brand great.

In the meantime, Alfa Romeo’s future continues apace forward, packed with numerous new features. By 2026, the brand’s range will in fact be enriched with two new models. We are talking about the Stelvio and Giulia models, which are ready to win the hearts of sports car and luxury car lovers. For 2027, on the other hand, there are rumors of the arrival of a possible heir to the Giulietta or a large SUV intended to assert Alfa Romeo’s leadership in the American car market.

Who knows, perhaps someday Alfa Romeo might decide to bring back the small MiTo, thus satisfying the demands of its most loyal fans. At the moment, however, all that remains is to admire the interpretations of this much-loved model and cherish the dream of seeing it revived on the roads in the near future.