New Alfa Romeo 4C: will the sports coupe really return?

Francesco Armenio
This is what a possible new Alfa Romeo 4C could look like, if the brand decided to bring it back to the market.
New Alfa Romeo 4C

The new Alfa Romeo 4C is currently just a web hypothesis. What we are showing you are the images of a render published by the digital creator Kleber Silva. These show what a new generation of the famous sports coupé that went out of production in 2021. Unfortunately, this model has not been very successful in the market. Despite this, this car has won over some fans of the Italian car manufacturer, many of whom consider this car to be the last true Alfa Romeo launched on the market.

Alfa Romeo 4C: this is how it could look, if it were to return to the market

While many would love to see the return of a new Alfa Romeo 4C, it is highly unlikely to happen at this time. It is a niche car and its development would not be justified. However, one possibility could be represented by Alfa Romeo’s program, which revealed a new Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale and is said to be planning to delight the many fans of the Biscione with a new Alfa Romeo Duetto in the coming years. The program consists of offering Alfa Romeo cars in limited editions, offered in a few dozen units.

While we wait to see if this car returns to the market, we have to make do with digital renders. It is clear that the aesthetic reference point for this digital creation is the Alfa Romeo Junior. The compact SUV represents the big news for Alfa Romeo in 2024, and therefore it seems logical to think that its design could influence that of future cars of the brand.

New Alfa Romeo 4C

For the time being, Alfa Romeo’s other priorities are the launch of the new Alfa Romeo Junior, followed by the Stelvio and Giulia in 2025 and 2026, respectively. These will also have a Quadrifoglio version that could exceed 1,000 horsepower. Only time will tell if we will ever have the opportunity to see the new Alfa Romeo 4C back in the range.