Lancia Ypsilon HF 2025: will the highest-performing version look like this?

Francesco Armenio
The sportiest version of the Lancia Ypsilon, the HF, will arrive on the market during 2025 and will be electric only.
Lancia Ypsilon HF 2025

The Lancia Ypsilon HF 2025 will be the high-performance version of the first model of Lancia’s new era, which debuted on February 14th and is now available in its entire range in various European countries. This car will debut next year and will be the sportiest version of the entry-level model in Lancia’s future lineup, which in the coming years will also include the Lancia Gamma flagship and the new Lancia Delta.

Lancia Ypsilon HF 2025: here’s how the 240-horsepower version could look

Lancia logo

The Lancia Ypsilon HF 2025 will have a 240-horsepower engine and all-wheel drive. This will most likely be the car with which the Italian automaker will make its return to the world of rallying, although official confirmation from the brand is still awaited. Regarding this car, which will only be available in a fully electric version, we would like to highlight a new render created by digital creator Larson Design, known as lars_o_saeltzer on social media, who has brought to life his vision of the upcoming Lancia model, which is not so difficult to realize based on the details shared so far by the Italian automaker itself.

Looking closely at this render of the Lancia Ypsilon HF 2025, we notice the presence of a small irregular grille with the “HF” logo on the front of the vehicle. The two-tone livery has been slightly modified, with black covering only the tip of the hood and part of the front bumper, creating contrast with the paint. As for the rear, it is not visible in the render, but the presence of a more prominent spoiler compared to previous hypotheses can be noticed. At the moment, the prices of this car are not known, but it will almost certainly be the most expensive version of the entire Ypsilon range.