Lancia will return to the European market in a few months

Francesco Armenio
The countdown has begun for Lancia’s return to the European markets, after years of hiatus.
Lancia Ypsilon HF

In a few months, Lancia is set to make a grand return to the European automotive market, ending a hiatus of several years. Until now, Lancia has only produced the Ypsilon, available solely in Italy. This situation will change with the upcoming launch of the new Ypsilon generation. Planned for unveiling in Milan this February, the latest Ypsilon signals a resurgence of Stellantis’ premium brand in major European auto markets.

The countdown for Lancia’s European comeback has started

Besides Italy, the new Ypsilon will find markets in Spain (its manufacturing hub), France, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Lancia has selected these markets for their historically high interest in Italian cars and the growing trend of online car purchases. Stellantis aims to capitalize on this trend to boost sales in the coming years.

Car enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating how Europe will receive Lancia after its prolonged absence. Recall that upon Stellantis’ formation, CEO Carlos Tavares declared 10 years for each brand to demonstrate its worth or face discontinuation. This challenge also applies to Lancia, which recently marked its 114th anniversary and aspires to secure a position in Europe’s premium car segment.

Lancia Ypsilon

The journey begins with the 2024 debut of the new Ypsilon, followed by the Lancia Gamma in 2026, anticipated to capture significant European interest due to its features. In 2028, the iconic Lancia Delta will make its comeback. It remains to be seen whether Stellantis will successfully revitalize the Italian brand.

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