New Lancia Gamma breaking new ground with the upcoming fastback

Francesco Armenio
New Lancia Gamma: the Italian automaker will enter an unexplored market segment for the first time.
Lancia Gamma

In 2026, the new Lancia Gamma will be introduced. It will be an electric fastback with a range of 700 kilometers and a length of 4.70 meters. The vehicle will be manufactured at the Italian plant in Melfi, which, starting in 2024, will no longer produce the Fiat 500X, and from 2025, the Jeep Renegade. It will be based on the modular STLA Medium platform, which debuted with the third generation of the Peugeot 3008.

The new Lancia Gamma marks the Italian automaker’s first entry into an unexplored market segment

The Gamma is part of a decade-long plan that includes three new models, starting with the new Lancia Ypsilon, produced in Zaragoza and expected in 2024 in both hybrid and fully electric versions. In 2026, the Gamma will follow, available only in the electric version, while in 2028, the new Delta will arrive, offered exclusively as a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). From 2026 onwards, the brand will exclusively offer electrified vehicles, and by 2028, it will phase out hybrid models to transition to 100% electric.

STLA Medium serves as the foundation to compete with the chinese market and Tesla. With this platform, the group plans to produce up to 2 million vehicles annually in various facilities worldwide, including the Italian factory in Melfi. The new architecture is specifically designed for electric vehicles, starting with the battery (73 or 93 kWh) as a structural component. The battery pack, consisting of 11 modules and 96 cells in the 73 kWh variant, is positioned, following the typical e-car layout, at the base of the floor. The range offered by the STLA Medium can vary between 500 and 700 km depending on the model and version.

Lancia Gamma

This architecture, replacing the well-known PSA-derived EMP2, is modular and flexible. It also allows for the use of hybrid powertrains for models intended for certain markets. STLA Medium is the first of the four new platforms planned by Stellantis (the others being Small, Large, and Frame), which will be paired with new digital infrastructures for infotainment and autonomous driving. The ‘Medium’ platform enables the production of vehicles with a wheelbase ranging from 2,700 to 2,900 mm, while the length varies between 4.3 and 4.9 meters, with a ground clearance exceeding 220 mm suitable for off-road (and therefore, Jeep models). We will soon discover more details about the new Lancia Gamma.