Fiat Professional: soaring sales in Austria

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Fiat Professional reports more than successful performance in Austria, with commercial vehicle sales up significantly in the first half of 2024.
Fiat Professional EV

Fiat Professional is continuing strong toward success in Austria. The first half of 2024 closes with a double-digit increase in commercial vehicle sales. These are numbers that are definitely positive and therefore confirm the brand’s leadership in the Austrian market.

Fiat Professional: strongly increasing sales in Austria

Fiat Professional celebrated a record first half of the year in Austria. Sales for commercial vehicles recorded a 22.6 percent increase in comparison to the same period last year. An exciting achievement, to say the least, that confirms without a doubt the Italian brand’s leadership in the Austrian market and its great ability to find the right solution for the needs of a wide range of customers.

Starting from January through June 2024, as many as 1,282 vehicles have been registered. This is a figure that confirms the great consumer appreciation of the target market. June was also a very positive month, with 296 new registrations and a 14.3 percent increase over June last year.

According to Sebastian Habock, Director Fiat Austria this is an outstanding result that proves the excellence of the product range the brand has to offer, and that it perfectly meets the needs of customers in a variety of sectors. The Austrian director was very enthusiastic about this achievement and confirms that the team will continue to work to offer customers increasingly innovative mobility solutions with superior performance.

Fiat Professional

Carrying the manufacturer towards this great success was the new Fiat Professional model range, which is offered to the public full of innovations and technological novelties. Among the most prominent cars we definitely see the electric vehicles Fiat E-Ducato, Fiat E-Doblò and Fiat E-Scudo. All the cars are characterized and distinguished by their very modernized design from how we remember them. In addition, they are all cars equipped with very advanced connectivity systems, including very technological driver assistance. 

Although electrification is running fast globally, Fiat Professional is not only focusing on electric. This is because the manufacturer also offers a full range for commercial vehicles with latest generation, efficient and high-performance diesel engines. A range of vehicles that can meet the needs of those looking for solutions that are reliable but also have low emissions.

Fiat Professional’s success in Austria is a clear sign of the dedication that is being put into the work by the company, which always wants to have a solution available that is optimal for each type of customer. And that means having a truly complete range with cars that are constantly evolving and improving, always with an eye on market developments.