Ferrari gives in to the tech giant: goodbye GPS navigator, move to apps

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Goodbye GPS navigators, say welcome navigation apps. Ferrari says stop to integrated systems and focuses on smartphones such as Google Maps and Waze for the future of navigation.
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Ferrari Purosangue and the new 12 Cilindri will be the first models without built-in GPS navigation. Absolutely this is an adaptation to modern demands from drivers which prefer flexibility and simplicity from smartphone apps.

Ferrari ditches GPS navigators to switch to navigation apps

Satellite navigators integrated on board Ferraris will no longer be part of the Cavallino’s cars. In fact, the historic Modena automaker has decided to abandon this type of technology for good and turn its gaze to smartphone navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze.

Why, exactly, would that choice be made? Reasons are several, and let’s say that many of us know why if we think about it. In the first we definitely see greater intuitiveness and ease of use by all users. Indeed, smartphone apps nowadays are used very simply by everyone and are easier to use than built-in navigators, which moreover are often complex and with suboptimal interfaces to get on the road even quickly.

Another positive aspect of the change would be the one involving continuous updates. In fact, apps are constantly updated with the latest maps and features. By contrast, built-in navigators often have a longer update cycle without which operation tends to be less efficient. Finally, we also find an important cost reduction. Integrating a GPS navigator into the car results in an increase in the final price of the vehicle while using smartphone apps, on the other hand, saves on this cost.

Ferrari has not been the first brand to adopt this type of technology with regard to navigation. Actually, it is already a choice adopted by other manufacturers, such as Volvo, for example. The Swedish automaker, six years ago had decided to integrate Google Maps directly into its models, anticipating a trend that is now spreading even among the most prestigious brands, such as precisely Ferrari.


Regarding Ferrari’s models by the Italian automaker, we do know that the Ferrari Purosangue and the new 12 Cilindri will be the first models without an integrated GPS navigator. This is yet another strong indication that the future of navigation in cars and beyond is in the hands of smartphones.

Some people may be thinking about a step backward for Ferrari and a technological lack of service for the new models. But this is not quite the case. In fact, this choice represents more of an adaptation to the increasingly modern needs of people getting behind the wheel, who much prefer the flexibility and simplicity of smartphone apps. Moreover, Ferrari has not decided to abandon technology altogether. New models will continue, however, to feature a highly advanced multimedia system that will allow smartphone apps to be used easily and safely.