Ferrari F250: a legendary hypercar ready to take the roads

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Ferrari F250, successor of a legendary hypercar bloodline, prepares to make its debut. A roar of power, technology and futuristic design ready to win the hearts of Ferrari enthusiasts
Ferrari F250 hypercar

The ‘Cavallino Rampante‘ is unleashing its new beast: a Ferrari F250, heir to a legendary lineage of hypercars that have made generations of enthusiasts dream. While still shrouded in mystery, the F250 portends to be a powerhouse of technology and performance, ready to push the boundaries of what has hitherto been imaginable.

F250: Ferrari’s new era of iconic hypercars

The debut of Maranello‘s new hypercar, Ferrari F250, is expected in a few months, heir to a lineage of iconic cars that has marked the history of the ‘Prancing Horse’. From the ashes of Le Mans, a legend ready to be reborn. Like an Arabian Phoenix that rises from its flames, Ferrari is preparing to unveil to the world its new hypercar, the F250, heir to a legendary lineage that has made generations of enthusiasts dream.

Indeed, the F250 fits into a bloodline rooted in the 1984 GTO, a car that embodied the essence of pure sportiness.

Ferrari 1984 GTO

It was followed by the F40, an icon as glamorous as it was powerful, which won the hearts of enthusiasts around the world.


Then came the F50, homage to the racing world with its V12 engine and carbon fiber monocoque.

Ferrari F50 95

Enzo celebrated the company’s founder with its unique styling and a concentration of Formula 1-derived technology, while the LaFerrari combined Ferrari experience with hybrid innovation, producing a 1,000-horsepower engineering masterpiece.

Ferrari Enzo 2002

Toward an exciting future. The F250 prepares to pick up the legacy of these illustrious progenitors, taking the Ferrari experience to new heights.

While still shrouded in mystery, rumors speak of a hybrid engine that uses knowledge gained in Formula 1 and Hypercars for an even more engaging driving experience.

Aerodynamics will be taken care of down to the smallest detail to maximize performance and efficiency, while the design promises to be aggressive and futuristic, while retaining the unmistakable lines of the ‘Prancing Horse’.

Anticipation for the Ferrari F250 is growing by the day. Get ready to experience a new chapter in Maranello’s glorious history of innovation, passion and mind-blowing performance.