Electric Ferrari: John Elkann says “It’ll be exciting, but we’re keeping the V12 too”

Francesco Armenio
According to Ferrari’s President, John Elkann, the brand’s first electric car will be “exciting” to drive.
Ferrari electric prototype

John Elkann, Chairman of Ferrari and Stellantis, recently stated that he had driven the first electric car from the Prancing Horse, claiming it to be an exciting car. Now, speaking to the Italian magazine Corriere della Sera, the Ferrari President has again discussed the brand’s first electric supercar, of which we saw the first spy photos a few days ago, set to debut by the end of next year.

Electric Ferrari “will be exciting” to drive, according to President John Elkann

Ferrari logo

“It’s neither an obligation nor a risk. Inventing means creating emotions. We haven’t produced an electric car until now because we wanted to take the time necessary to create the best possible electric car,” John Elkann stated. “People who will drive our electric cars will experience intense emotions, but in a different way. Even the silence of nature can evoke strong sensations, as happens in sailing,” Elkann continued.

The President of the Prancing Horse also addressed the skepticism about electric cars that seems to affect various global markets: “By 2030, electric cars will be much more economical, and when that time comes, the choice will no longer be an issue. As for Ferrari, we would never dream of taking away the V12 engine from those who want it.”

Finally, Elkann spoke about Ferrari’s new E-building: “By the end of the year, it will be completely powered by renewable energy thanks to its 3,000 solar panels. This brings us closer to an important goal: creating extraordinary cars while respecting the environment, bringing Italian excellence to the world. For this reason, we are strengthening our commitment to the territory, collaborating with the school founded by Enzo Ferrari and named after his son Dino.”

John Elkann

As previously anticipated, the new electric Ferrari has been seen near the Maranello headquarters with a camouflaged body. However, as happened with the Ferrari 12Cilindri, this could be a non-definitive body that might change completely in the final version. Benedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari, has also stated that the sound of the electric Ferrari will not be artificial, but “authentic and unique”.