Ferrari claims that its first electric sports car will have an authentic sound

Francesco Armenio
Ferrari’s first electric supercar will arrive in 2025, and the Prancing Horse promises an authentic roar.
Ferrari electric render

A couple of years have passed since Ferrari surprised everyone by announcing its intention to introduce an electric car to the market. The debut of the first zero-emission electric sports car is expected by the end of 2025 and promises to be a major event. Even without the traditional combustion engine, the electric car from the Maranello-based automaker promises not to go unnoticed, maintaining a distinctive sound character.

The Prancing Horse promises an authentic roar for its future electric Ferrari

Ferrari logo

Some electric cars, such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, artificially recreate the sounds of traditional engines and imitate gear shifting, but Ferrari has a different approach in store. According to Emanuele Carando, director of product marketing and marketing intelligence, in an interview with Drive magazine, the sound of a Ferrari will always remain distinctive and authentic. Although the type of sound it will have has not been specified, one can expect the electric car to maintain the essence of a “true Ferrari”.

The only way it could be an “authentic” sound is if Ferrari is referring to the roar of the electric motor. Whatever the soundtrack, Maranello’s first foray into the electric vehicle segment is destined to “deliver different emotions” compared to the current collection of models.

Not many details have been announced at the moment, but we know it will be built on a new assembly line currently being completed in Maranello. The projection is that the model, still unnamed, will represent 5% of the company’s sales in 2026, the first full year of sales for the electric vehicle.

Ferrari EV

The arrival of an electric vehicle will not mark the fate of the V12, as Ferrari intends to keep the twelve-cylinder in-line engine until it is banned. Carando assures enthusiasts that it will be up to consumers to decide whether they want a pure gasoline engine, a plug-in hybrid, or an electric vehicle.