Ferrari: new E-Building can make 20,000 cars yearly, but brand prioritizes exclusivity

Francesco Armenio
The new Ferrari factory could produce up to 20,000 cars per year, but the goal is to always maintain the exclusivity of the models.
Ferrari E-Building

Last week, Ferrari inaugurated its new E-building facility where new electrified supercars of the Prancing Horse will be produced, including the first electric Ferrari. The event was also attended by Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares and the President of Ferrari and Stellantis, John Elkann. With this facility, the company could produce up to 20,000 cars per year, but this won’t happen as the Maranello automaker will limit the production of its cars to maintain exclusivity.

Ferrari’s new factory has the capacity to produce up to 20,000 cars per year

Ferrari E-Building

“This building will allow us to shorten the time-to-market or product development times,” CEO Benedetto Vigna tells Reuters. “So, essentially more money per car. We want to grow the company but not because we increase volumes. We want to have more tools, technological tools, more flexibility to meet the need for greater customization from our customers,” he continued. Having a facility capable of bringing such models to market faster could prove to be exactly how Ferrari will earn more for each car.

This facility should also allow for greater flexibility in powertrain development and production. In fact, electric and hybrid cars will be produced in the plant, as well as combustion engine cars. “The plant reflects the principle of technological neutrality,” Ferrari said in a statement. “We believe there is no single solution for future automotive powertrains. Our strategy is to continue investing in all three,” said Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna. We can only wait for further news on Ferrari’s first electric vehicle, which could arrive soon.

Ferrari E-Building

In recent days, the first electric Ferrari, which according to the latest rumors will be a crossover, was spotted on the streets of Maranello during initial road tests. Moreover, it’s believed that the brand is about to launch a subscription of about $7,500 per year that extends the warranty on the batteries of its electrified vehicles and allows for the battery of the brand’s electric vehicles to be changed every 8 years.