Alfa Romeo amid speculation and certitude: new E-SUV on the way?

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Are we soon going to know the fate of this highly anticipated SUV? And what will be the challenges to overcome? Here’s when the verdict will come
Alfa Romeo E-SUV

Despite the uncertainties, the E-SUV represents one for Alfa Romeo to enter the electric SUV market, especially in the United States. We will find out in the coming months whether E-SUV will become a reality

Alfa Romeo E-SUV: the verdict is coming soon

As of now, the topic of electrification cannot be left out, because it represents a rather fundamental aspect for the future of the automotive industry. For this very reason, the Alfa Romeo brand also has no intention of falling behind. Among the manufacturer’s possible upcoming innovations is the idea of an Alfa Romeo E-SUV. This would be an all-electric model that would be a new departure for the Italian automaker.

Nevertheless right now, the debut of the E-SUV has not yet been fully confirmed, its release in fact depending on a number of factors. One of the most important, is that the eventual arrival of Alfa Romeo’s E-SUV strongly depends on the will of the Stellantis automotive group, of which the Italian brand is a part. This is currently the information that has been traced according to some sources, who speak of a possible decision that will be made by the end of the current year.


As anticipated, the future of this new car would depend on several factors. One of them is certainly the same evolution that the market will undergo in the coming months. In fact, should sedans be the cars that the public most prefers, Stellantis might opt to launch a car that would follow up on the Giulietta, so as to offer the market a more compact vehicle that would be more successful than an E-SUV.

Other than the major contribution expected from Stellantis and market performance, the fate of the new E-SUV also depends largely on Alfa Romeo’s commercial market performance in the coming years. In fact, the automaker currently needs to consolidate its commercial position in the automotive market through good strategy, as well as to establish an optimal plan for the future.  

Although there are still many uncertainties, the Alfa Romeo E-SUV is a very exciting option for the brand, especially with regard to the North American market. A very attractive, large SUV with a very attractive design and entirely desirable, high performance could indeed find favor with the American public, which has historically been reluctant to models from the Italian brand.

Were the automotive group to greenlight the project, this E-SUV would be made on the STLA Large modular platform, sharing it with the future Jeep Grand Cherokee. This would be a choice that would have a major impact for the entire industry.

Stellantis STLA Large platform

So the main goal of the Alfa Romeo E-SUV would be to create a lot of commerce in the American market. This is a fairly ambitious goal that certainly requires a very good marketing and commercial strategy. Of course, all of this combined with a car that is able to meet specific needs of the U.S. public as well.

Although this car may be more appreciated in the American market, the E-SUV could still have its place in Europe as well, although it would probably be to a lesser extent. The model’s success will depend on multiple factors, including price, driving range, and Alfa Romeo’s ability to position itself effectively in the premium electric SUV segment. So, more precise news is sure to come in the coming months regarding the future of Alfa Romeo as it continues to work hard to keep up with the electric car market.