Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2025: more than just power and performance

Gloria Fiocchi Author
With a soul of a true Alfa Romeo the new Stelvio 2025 will be the new future of motorsports the electrified SUV with plenty of horsepower and thrilling performance
New Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2024 render preview

The most powerful version of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2025 is set to be a truly powerful, high-performance sports car. Here’s how much horsepower it will have

The design of the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2025 is seen as a tribute to Italian automotive tradition. A style for the car that recalls the historic Alfa Romeo Junior, obviously revised and modernized. Its lines are presented very linear and the rather balanced dimensions have created an SUV capable of strongly attracting the attention of everyone, even those who in the field of aesthetics are expected to be more demanding. The new Stelvio 2025 represents an ambition for the Alfa Romeo brand to expand its customer base in the premium segment globally. This will be a more aggressively designed car destined to play a key role in the Biscione’s range in the coming years.

But in addition to great aesthetic beauty, that when it comes to Alfa Romeo brand is practically obvious, the new 2025 Alfa Romeo Stelvio will feature an engine with great power under the hood. In fact, the top-of-the-line Quadrifoglio version looks like it could even go 940 horsepower. A power reached thanks to a plug-in hybrid system that puts together a gasoline heat engine with an electric motor. Another aspect to be strongly considered is definitely the great efficiency with which the car will be equipped, with a range of about 800 km on a single charge. Super-fast charging technology allows the battery to reach 80 percent in just 15 minutes: just enough time to drink a coffee or take a short break.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2025: here’s how many horsepower its most powerful version features

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The forthcoming Alfa Romeo Stelvio is expected to arrive in the second half of 2025, and in the meantime, other new features may arrive. This new SUV will present itself to the public with a number of details and features that will surely place it among the leading players in the segment worldwide. It represents the evolution of the famous Biscione model, combining breathtaking design with cutting-edge technology and thrilling performance, and will be the first based on the STLA Large platform produced at the Stellantis plant in Cassino. Many can’t wait to sit behind the wheel of it and watch it dominate the roads.