Fiat Panda is the best-selling city car in Europe in 2024: electric 500 underperforms

Francesco Armenio
Fiat Panda is the best-selling city car in Europe in 2024 so far, with over 63,000 registrations and a growth of 21%.
Fiat Panda Hybrid

The European city car market is experiencing a slight decline compared to last year. Considering the period from January to May 2024, a total of 264,049 vehicles were registered, compared to 278,878 last year. This represents a 5.3% decrease and 14,829 fewer vehicles compared to the same period in 2023. But which models were the best-selling?

Fiat Panda leads European city car sales in 2024: electric and hybrid 500 struggles

500 Stellantis Mirafiori

Starting from the tenth position, we find the Smart ForTwo, which went out of production a few months ago, with 4,653 vehicles registered and a 46.4% decrease compared to 2023. Dacia Spring also records a significant drop, with only 9,657 units sold, compared to 21,909 last year. In this case, the percentage decrease is 55.9%. Following is the Fiat 500e, struggling compared to last year with -37.5% and 14,577 units registered.

Renault Twingo ranks seventh with a 38.1% growth compared to 2023 and 15,990 units registered. Sixth position for Suzuki Ignis, with a 40.3% growth and 16,111 registrations. Kia Picanto occupies the fifth position with 25,312 units registered and -10.9% compared to 2023, while sales of Hyundai i10, in fourth place, remain stable compared to the previous year with 27,006 sales.

On the lowest step of the podium is the Fiat 500, which as announced in recent weeks has ended production and will return to the market in 2026 based on its electric “sister”. The Italian city car has registered 38,120 sales so far in 2024, down 20.5% compared to 2023. Second place goes to the Toyota Aygo X with 42,398 units registered and a growth of 34.6%. In first place is the Fiat Panda with 63,030 sales, up 21% compared to the same period in 2023. The latter will soon be joined by the Grande Panda, the company’s new B-SUV.

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