The Panda 4×4 legend continues: a dream become reality?

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Could there be room for a Panda 4×4 in the new Fiat range? A render of has caught the eye for its faithfulness to the original design and the presence of some classic elements of the 4x40th anniversary version
Fiat Grande Panda 4X4

The new Fiat Panda is already a reality, but another version continues to ignite the hearts of enthusiasts: the Panda 4×4. A dream that could soon become reality, thanks to the eye-catching design full of reminders of the past proposed by AlfaZeta

The design of a new Fiat Grande Panda 4×4 would look like

As is now well known to all the new Fiat Grande Panda has been officially unveiled. Despite this, one idea is continuing to make enthusiasts dream, and that is to be able to see a 4×4 version. There are very many renders that have been making the rounds on the web for some time, but the one by AZ6, known as AlfaZeta, has caught the eye in a very special way due to its great resemblance and respect for the original Panda design.

Fiat Grande Panda 4X4

In the scenario that was elaborated by AZ6, the Panda 4×4 would sport alloy wheels from the 4×40° Limited Edition anniversary version. In addition, there would also be a black band on the sides of the front bumper, a hallmark of Panda 4x4s of the past that many enthusiasts surely remember. But the real question everyone is asking nowadays is: will there really be room for a Panda 4×4 in Fiat’s new range?

The new Panda will not be created in isolation; on the contrary, it will give birth to a family of cars that includes a Multipla, a coupe SUV, a new pickup truck, and a van. Certainly, the release of a 4×4 version could obviously represent a continuation of a tradition that began back in 1983, when the first Panda 4x4s were on the streets.

Fiat Grande Panda

Currently, there is no news that would go to confirm this news positively or negatively, so only time will tell whether Fiat will decide to make this model. A car that would ignite numerous memories for a car that has made history for so many people. In any case, the Italian automaker will officially unveil the new Panda on July 11, 2024, on the occasion of its 125th birthday. In all likelihood during the event, we will be able to find out whether the range also includes a Panda 4×4 or whether this, on the contrary, will remain just a beautiful idea and creation of the various designers. Regardless of what decision Fiat implements, it would be a model that, in any case, demonstrates the vitality of a car that has won millions of motorists and still continues to inspire numerous automakers.