The first car with STLA Medium platform to debut in Brazil is the New Jeep Compass

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Manufactured in Brazil, it will be the brand’s first model to use the STLA Medium platform, opening the way for a future marked by electrification
New Jeep Compass render

A new Jeep Compass arrives for South America, getting ready to capture the market with advanced plug-in hybrid technology and an all-electric variant. At the heart of the hybrid powertrain is an efficient 1.3 Turbo Flex engine paired with electric motors, one of which is integrated directly into the rear axle to provide all-wheel drive. But the real news is the long-awaited electric version, marking Jeep’s debut in the zero-emission vehicle segment in Brazil. And what will it look like? Here, the image shown, designed by creator Mirko del Prete, hypothesizes the design of the future electric Jeep Compass.

Jeep Compass: a larger, technological and electrified SUV for South America

The new-generation Jeep Compass is ready to land in Brazil, bringing with it a flurry of technological innovations and a revamped design. Produced at the Goiana plant, it will be the brand’s first model to use the STLA Medium platform, paving the way for a future under the banner of electrification.

It is a larger and more technological SUV for the Jeep brand. The new Compass is not only restyled, but also grows in size, offering more space for passengers and luggage. It will increase by 13 cm in length, 8 cm in width and 11 cm in wheelbase, reaching an overall length of about 4.54 meters and a height greater than the current model’s 1.63 meters. The ground clearance of all models based on the STLA Medium platform will be more than 22 centimeters, ensuring excellent performance even on rough terrain.

At the heart of the project is the new STLA Medium platform, designed to accommodate hybrid and electric engines. The new Compass will be the first car in Brazil to adopt this platform, ushering in a new era for the Jeep brand. The first model will be a plug-in hybrid that combines a 1.3 Turbo Flex engine with electric motors, one of which is positioned on the rear axle to provide all-wheel drive. Moreover, this new Compass will be the first 100% electric Jeep available in Brazil, with either a front motor for 4×2 traction or a second electric motor in the rear for all-wheel drive.

New Jeep Compass - render Mirko del Prete

Production of the new Compass will begin in the last quarter of 2026, with market debut scheduled for early 2027. Brazil will become a global production hub for the new Compass, exporting the SUV to the United States as well. For now, the project is known internally as “Project J4U.” The first camouflaged prototypes will begin testing in early 2025, while final prototypes with final bodywork will not arrive until 2026.

The arrival of the new generation will not mark the end of the current Compass, which should receive a new name to differentiate itself from the new model. This will allow Jeep to expand its SUV lineup in Brazil, offering customers different options to meet their needs. The new STLA Medium platform will also pave the way for future electrified innovations from the Jeep brand, contributing to the spread of more environmentally friendly vehicles in the country.