“The electric Ferrari will be a true Ferrari,” says brand’s CEO Benedetto Vigna

Francesco Armenio
Ferrari CEO Vigna unveils plans for the brand’s first electric supercar, promising authentic Ferrari thrills and emotions.
Ferrari EV

At the inauguration of Ferrari’s new facility in Maranello, dedicated exclusively to electric cars, CEO Benedetto Vigna stated that the first electric Ferrari will maintain the brand’s essence. Vigna guaranteed that this model will offer drivers the same thrilling sensations typical of any other Ferrari supercar.

Ferrari: the brand’s first electric supercar will be exciting in every aspect

Ferrari E-Building

The launch of the electric model is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2025 and has already sparked debate in the automotive community and among car collectors, Vigna said during the inauguration of the company’s new E-Building in Maranello. Vigna added that several people, including Stellantis Chairman John Elkann, have driven the new electric Ferrari, saying that this car is an authentic Ferrari. Vigna stated that the distinctive feature of a Ferrari is the emotional experience. Having driven the fully electric Ferrari himself, he said: “I had this type of emotion.”

Ferrari’s decision to produce an electric vehicle represents a bold and costly move for a brand renowned for its high-performance combustion engines. Although details about the electric model are still scarce, the idea of a battery-powered Ferrari has already sparked intense discussions among enthusiasts and collectors in the automotive sector.

Much of the debate focuses on engine sound. Ferrari powertrains are appreciated for their symphony and electric motors are largely silent. Benedetto Vigna stated that the sound of the electric Ferrari will always be “authentic,” meaning the company won’t try to recreate the sound of a combustion engine through fake audio programs. He hinted, however, that they might amplify or better showcase the natural sound of an electric motor. “The electric motor is not silent,” he said.

Ferrari E-Building

“We can make it sound in a unique way.” Vigna added that engine sound is just one part of the emotional experience of driving a supercar. “You engage the eyes, the ears, your whole body,” he said. “When you talk about the Ferrari experience and the driving qualities of a car, you’re talking about experiencing a unique emotion at the wheel. It’s a combination of linear acceleration, lateral acceleration, braking, and gear shifting. There are many dimensions, not just sound.”

Ferrari‘s CEO refrained from revealing details on price and expected sales volumes for the electric model. He emphasized that the company will maintain vehicles with combustion and hybrid engines in its range, adopting a “technological neutrality” approach that will leave customers free to choose their preferred type of propulsion. Regarding price, in recent weeks some rumors indicated that Prancing Horse’s first electric supercar would exceed 500,000 euros.