Stellantis chairman said he drove the electric Ferrari and “it’s incredible”

Francesco Armenio
John Elkann, chairman of Stellantis, declared that he drove the first electric Ferrari and “it’s incredible”.
John Elkann

John Elkann, chairman of Stellantis, declared on the “In Good Company” podcast hosted by Nicolai Tangen, CEO of Norges Bank, that he has driven the first electric Ferrari. “I tried the new electric Ferrari. It’s an incredible car, totally different from what one might expect.” In recent weeks, Ferrari’s CEO, Benedetto Vigna, had stated that the electric supercar from Maranello would have an authentic sound,” not a fake one.

The first electric Ferrari is “incredible from every point of view,” according to John Elkann

Ferrari EV

At the moment, there are not many details about this model. The first electric Ferrari, which is expected to cost more than 500,000 euros, will stand out for its innovative technologies developed by the automaker itself. “For us, the electric car is a blank canvas that allows us to use new technologies and design a very different car,” Elkann explained. “I think the industry, so far, has not yet fully explored the possibilities that these new technologies can offer us.”

“The new electric Ferrari is incredible from every point of view,” he told Stellantis’ CEO. “If you like driving, this car will make you feel exceptional thrills and emotions. The future will not only include combustion engines but also hybrid engines. Whether they are sports cars or electric cars that will start being introduced in 2025,” Elkann concluded.

Ferrari’s first electric supercar is indeed scheduled for 2025. The car will have an authentic and natural sound generated by the electric motor, but it certainly won’t be “silent” like all the others and won’t have a fake sound. According to the latest rumors, the Prancing Horse automaker has also begun developing a second electric model, although it is still in an embryonic stage.