Panda: Undisputed queen of used cars? Discover why it depreciates the least in Italy

Gloria Fiocchi Author
This was revealed according from a recent study: the iconic, small hatchback Panda maintains its value over time and depreciates the least in Italy
Fiat Panda

The Panda is confirmed as the car that depreciates the least in Italy. According to a recent study, the small hatchback loses a tiny percentage of its value each year. Considering its wide presence in the market, this is a surprising figure

Fiat Panda: undisputed queen of residual value in Italy

According to some statistics, it seems that the Fiat Panda is once again confirming itself as the car that maintains its best value of all in Italy. In fact, according to a recent study by Carvago, the small hatchback loses only 3 percent of its value each year, a figure that leaves everyone with great surprise given that it has existed on the car market for a good 44 years.  

Motivations behind this incident for the vehicle are different. First and foremost, we can certainly talk about high demand. In fact, the Panda has always been one of the cars that is most desired by Italians, whether to be used as a first car or as a second family car for short or urban trips. As a result, this means that the used car market for the Panda remains very active all the time, with high demand affecting it greatly in terms of keeping prices stable. Another factor contributing to this phenomenon could certainly also be the lack of competition. In fact, in the segment of city cars with thermal engines, the Panda has never had any real direct rivals. This makes the car even more unique and attractive on the used car market. Of course, then the car’s features also come into play. Everyone knows that the Panda differs greatly in its ruggedness and reliability. Being famous for this, buying one of these cars is seen as a safe investment for buyers, who know they can count on a car that will never let them down. Finally, we know that the Panda is a rather famous car that has made Italian automotive history. That also makes it a collector’s item for many enthusiasts, and as a result this also contributes greatly to keeping its value high over time.


Apart from the Panda’s performance, this study also released other interesting information on the residual value of cars in Italy. City cars were found to be the cars that depreciate the least: in addition to the Panda, other models such as the Toyota Aygo and the Dacia Sandero emerged among the city cars that lose the least value over time. As for electric cars, on the other hand, the study confirms that they have varying residual value. Some electrics, such as the Fiat 500e, manage to maintain a good residual value, while others, such as the Tesla Model 3 and Smart ForTwo EQ, depreciate in value much faster.

The title of the car that depreciates the most, on the other hand, was gained by the Range Rover SUV. This luxury SUV loses about 10% of its value every year. So, to conclude, we can confirm very calmly that the Fiat Panda is once again seen as an extraordinary car, capable of combining style, practicality, reliability and a residual value that is currently unparalleled.